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Geese in Flight Watercolor Sketch


In Flight Geese (watercolor, watercolor pencil, black micron pen)

In flight.
Oh, I wish I had an ounce of their grace.

The best part…the tips of their wings!

Some may consider the Canada Goose a nuisance. As a protected bird, it has over populated my area. If you visit a cemetery, golf course, university grounds, or any large plot of manicured property, you will find the Canada Goose. Not only one, but hundreds of them…along with their many droppings. ;)

Call me one for the underdog, but I have always loved the overlooked, ordinary species. Maybe because I consider myself part of the group.

Canadian Geese in my area do not migrate, but can tough it out all winter long. There is however, a crowded path in the sky overhead at this time of year, with many flying south.

I love that V formation! BTW!

We can learn a lot from teamwork as we study geese in flight. Lift is being provided from the front goose to the goose behind it. The energy saved is ingenious.


Go geese go!