Emerging Crocus Sketch

Crocuses watercolor and micron pen

Just as a ballerina twirls, the tender crocus unfurls as it emerges from the ground.

That’s what I thought of as I gazed upon the much awaited, first flower of the year. Its struggle to break through the soil, I guess just makes it stonger…and in such cold weather too!

We all must struggle and grow before we bloom. The hardest part is trying to remember that. Bitter-sweet joy.

3 Comments on “Emerging Crocus Sketch

  1. Lovely painting. It’s true, growth and beauty take hard work and struggle. But, the blooms that come as a result are such a gift.

  2. OOOOooo thank-you for your generous spirit in sharing your talent here. Just the inspiration I was looking for to take courage and create a crocus in watercolor. Yeah for archives!!!

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