Monthly Archives: December 2012

Of Pain and Pleasure Sketch


Bittersweet. The definition: Of pain and pleasure.
For how can we know pleasure without knowing what pain is? We can’t.

How we wish we could eliminate the pain…but it is impossible. We must accept it and it does make us stronger.


Anyway, last Sunday I went walking at Turtlehead Lake during an unseasonably warm day. I know these warm days wont last, so I always make a conscious effort to get out. As I pan the brown/gray landscape which seems to go on forever, a tint spec of warm reds jump out at me….it’s bittersweet. What a prize. Not to eat though, as bittersweet fruit is mildly toxic and should not be eaten. It is okay however for songbirds, squirrels, and rabbits…have at it.


Just a closer look at those lovely berries. The delight I feel when I unexpectantly find these amongst a dreary scene is breathtaking, even if it is a common occurence. I want to celebrate the insignificant. Maybe because I always feel insignificant in life? I don’t know. And do you know what? It’s okay to not know all the answers…I will leave those up to God.


I will take the pain to be able to feel the pleasure. I hope you will too.