Month: June 2012

Red Gate Woods Sketch

About a week ago, I made a mid-day hike in the summer heat at Red Gate Woods. Crazy? Maybe. I didn’t realize how humid it was until going up several steep hills on the orange trail. When the back of your shirt becomes saturated with sweat…it’s… Continue Reading “Red Gate Woods Sketch”

You Pick. Which one will be the next step by step painting?

Painting # 1  “Lakeside Pier” Image taken at Centennial Park in Orland Park, IL. Spring 2011. Pier and House will be shifted to the left a bit (so not to be in the center) and we’ll add leaves to the trees in front. Painting… Continue Reading “You Pick. Which one will be the next step by step painting?”

My Fern Has Spots Sketch

No, it doesn’t have a disease. Yes, “EWWW” was my first response when I looked underneath the frond and realized I was touching the spots. 🙂 Actually, my fern is fertile. Yay! The spots under the fronds are called sori (plural). Each sorus (singular) is filled… Continue Reading “My Fern Has Spots Sketch”