$30 Original Fine Art – Owl Eyes Drawing

Owl Eyes - graphite, conte, charcoal on gray paperTimes are tough, but that doesn't mean you can't afford original fine art! I'm going to do a series of small original pieces that the everyday person can collect. Art and music seem to suffer the most during trying times, but we can keep them alive!   "Owl … Continue reading $30 Original Fine Art – Owl Eyes Drawing


Free Watercolor Sketch Class this Saturday

Saturday April 30, 2011 9am-12pm Little Red Schoolhouse Learn how to make a quick, simple, watercolor sketch after a short hike in the woods. This is a free class! Dress for the weather. If it rains we will still hike outside but paint inside. It's fun and not as hard as you think. I will walk you through it … Continue reading Free Watercolor Sketch Class this Saturday

Blustery Day at Maple Lake Sketch

 I stopped by Maple Lake with good intentions on completing a watercolor sketch. I got as far as a pencil sketch when my white and red fingers couldn't take it any longer....HEAT, they need heat! I grabbed my stuff and ran to the car...I'll finish at home. I wasn't prepared and did not have the … Continue reading Blustery Day at Maple Lake Sketch

Bloodroot Watercolor Sketch

McClaughry Springs Woods Bloodroot - watercolor and micronThey're hereeeee! It's time for some spring wildflowers boys and girls. Get excited!  It's that fleeting time of year, when for a short time, the wildflowers pop up before the trees grow their leaves and the forest becomes shaded. Get it while it lasts. One of my favorite … Continue reading Bloodroot Watercolor Sketch

Let’s Paint a Female Sparrow!

Oh boy! Spring is finally here, the birds are chirping like crazy, and I can't get enough of the very common house sparrow! Here is the beautiful Ms. Sparrow. Not the best most clearest picture...I admit, but watch how we turn a lemon into lemon aid! Come on....it's not as hard as you think...you can … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Female Sparrow!

Stormy Spring Sketch

Last Friday I had the chance for a quick escape. I am always amazed at how quickly my mood can be uplifted, just by sitting for a few moments in nature. Anyway, the sky was heavy and the ground soaked from an afternoon passing storm. Sitting in the car, searching the landscape for something to … Continue reading Stormy Spring Sketch

Live Eagle Cam

For those out there interested, here is a link for a live eagle nest cam from Decorah, Iowa. http://www.raptorresource.org/falcon_cams/ (You will need to watch a brief advertisement before viewing) Three eggs were laid in February. As of this weekend, two of the three eaglets have hatched. In the lower left hand corner of the nest, there is … Continue reading Live Eagle Cam