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$30 Original Fine Art – Owl Eyes Drawing

Owl Eyes – graphite, conte, charcoal on gray paper

Times are tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford original fine art!

I’m going to do a series of small original pieces that the everyday person can collect. Art and music seem to suffer the most during trying times, but we can keep them alive!
“Owl Eyes”
image: 4×6
paper: 9×12
(includes shipping in US)
click here to purchase
(you do not need a paypal account to purchase)
Drawing done from photo by Angeline Rijkeboer from Paint My Photo, a site where artists upload copyright free photos for other artists to paint from. Check them out!

Free Watercolor Sketch Class this Saturday

Saturday April 30, 2011
Little Red Schoolhouse

Learn how to make a quick, simple, watercolor sketch after a short hike in the woods. This is a free class! Dress for the weather. If it rains we will still hike outside but paint inside. It’s fun and not as hard as you think. I will walk you through it step by step. You do not need to know how to paint or draw to participate, but you do have to be 13 years old and up. Artwork is not judged, all art is good art.
Please visit class page for supply list.

Please note: I do not take photos unless given permission. So if you don’t want to be on the web, no worries!

I’m expecting to see many spring wildflowers…hopefully we can sketch some.

*top 3 pictures in gallery courtesy of Alanna

Blustery Day at Maple Lake Sketch


Blustery Day at Maple Lake watercolor and micron

 I stopped by Maple Lake with good intentions on completing a watercolor sketch. I got as far as a pencil sketch when my white and red fingers couldn’t take it any longer….HEAT, they need heat! I grabbed my stuff and ran to the car…I’ll finish at home.

I wasn’t prepared and did not have the right kind of winter clothing for this blustery spring day.

How wimpy I was due to my human costume. The newly migrated tree swallows didn’t mind the weather one bit. I tried counting several times as I watched them effortlessly skim just above the surface of the water at high speeds…15…18…20…I’m sure there were more. Not only are humans wimpy, they’re slow too. Well, I know I am.

Maple Lake wasn’t the only place for action, I watched a robin take a bath in a parking lot puddle. The puddle was a gift from last night’s ferocious thunderstorms. How the rain does bless the earth and its inhabitants! And I say, “Glory to God.”

Bloodroot Watercolor Sketch

McClaughry Springs Woods Bloodroot – watercolor and micron

They’re hereeeee! It’s time for some spring wildflowers boys and girls. Get excited!

 It’s that fleeting time of year, when for a short time, the wildflowers pop up before the trees grow their leaves and the forest becomes shaded. Get it while it lasts.
One of my favorite spring-time wildflower is bloodroot. A white flower named for the red juice in the stem. I love how the young leaf envelopes the stem, like a blanket or a nice warm green sweater.
On the sketch it says: “Les fleus vivent dans les bois humides.” In French that means: The flowers live in wet woods.
These flowers were on the edge of the woods next to a stream in McClaughry Springs Woods.


Here are a few photos.


I also found squill in abundance…


What a beautiful carpet of flowers! Here is a close up…


I hope you enjoyed these photos and artwork, especially if you cannot get out yourself for whatever reason. I will bring the nature to you!

If you can get out, nature’s serving up some spring-time wildflowers…see them while you can.

Nature Artwork Collection Video

I’m getting into the video mode again and just playing with Windows Movie Maker.