Monthly Archives: April 2015

Creeping Snail Watercolor


s l o w l y
He carries mud on his shell.
The cracks in the mud repeat on his skin.
I watch in envy of his leisurely demeanor.
Multitasking is overrated.
s l o w
The way to go.

I like this little guy I found crossing the paved trail in the forest preserves. I’m juvenile enough (never loose the kid in you) to give him a name…Sherman Snail.

I’m envious of his ways. Stay with me for a minute…  Sherman is basic and lives in the moment. He doesn’t juggle tasks. He has one outfit. Eats only natural things. Doesn’t pay any cell phone company $200 a month for his family. Doesn’t depend on any banks, corporations, or governments. Sherman Snail is Self Sufficient.


Go Sherman, go!

My goal is to live a minimalist, self sufficient life. To live as close to nature as possible. I have a long way to go, but with each day I feel a stronger need to pull away from the system. The problem? If you’re not wealthy, you’re stuck in your current position. You make JUST enough money to live week to week. And that’s exactly how the system is set up. To keep the debt serfs going.

Does anyone have self sufficient success stories out there? I would love to hear them!