Just Before Dusk Sketch

How lucky am I to witness such beauty? I'm sure some lottery winners are not as happy as I (You know, they sometimes lose everything they get in a few years!). But nature can never be taken away or lost. Just look what I have! Real happiness, I stole a moment in time and captured … Continue reading Just Before Dusk Sketch


Let’s Paint Misty Maine!

One of my favorite blogs in the bloggie world is The Ohio Nature Blog by Tom Arbour. Tom (who is a fantastic photographer) was in Maine for Thanksgiving and took this awesome picture: You can read his post about this day by clicking here. Oh how I wish I could be in Maine! Aren't you … Continue reading Let’s Paint Misty Maine!

Chicakadee at My Feeder Sketch

Hot dog, he's back! Why am I so excited? Aren't chickadees common in the Chicago area? Yes. But my chickadee has been missing for nearly three years! Chickadees use to visit my feeder on a regular basis. Then all of a sudden...poof...gone. I had no idea why. Perhaps my regular visitor died and it took a long time for … Continue reading Chicakadee at My Feeder Sketch

What’s in the Winter Woods?

It's cloudy, lightly snowing and 25°F. Of all the places on the earth, where do you wish to be the most? Why in the woods of course! Deep in the woods...I don't blame you... For when you are  in the woods on a magical afternoon, this beauty is all yours. Not many people share this … Continue reading What’s in the Winter Woods?

Let’s Paint a Frosty Winter Morning!

Last Tuesday morning on the way to work I saw this beautiful winter sight: The sun rises behind the forest and sets the sky on fire! I love when winter reveals hot colors during very cold weather. How ironic the sky teases us with it's warm yellow tones, only to be an illusion as I … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Frosty Winter Morning!

Junco Dies and It’s My Fault

Cooper's Hawk (1) Junco (0) RIP Mr. Junco, I'm sorry. This picture was taken just seconds before his death. Now, I'm all for the Cooper's Hawk killing it's prey for food, don't get me wrong, but not when it's my fault. Here's what happened: This lovely little Junco sat at my feeder to eat, but … Continue reading Junco Dies and It’s My Fault

Cardinal at My Feeder Sketch

Is this not the most perfect sight in winter? My mom came over and took some awesome pictures out my window. Unable to use her flash because of the reflection in the window, we were a little concerned at how dark the pictures came out, but with a little computer tweaking we were able to … Continue reading Cardinal at My Feeder Sketch

Let’s Paint the Cooper’s Hawk!

Obsessed with the hawk every minute of the day since he stopped by for a visit, I just had to make a painting...so let's go! Step 1: I never sketch out my painting on a separate piece of paper, but  just sketch it right on the "canvas" (wallis pastel paper). This time was different. I … Continue reading Let’s Paint the Cooper’s Hawk!