Month: October 2009

Spinning Oak Leaves Sketch

This morning I was fascinated with the simple act of falling leaves. I had a mouth dropping discovery. Stopped at a red light, I noticed something that never really occurred to me…autumn leaves don’t just fall, they spin like tops when they fall! They spin and… Continue Reading “Spinning Oak Leaves Sketch”

Difference Between Cold Press and Hot Press

In watercolor world, what’s the difference between cold press and hot press watercolor paper? Why, let me show you… Do you remember the red maple leaf we painted the other day? Well, I painted two of them at the same time using the same… Continue Reading “Difference Between Cold Press and Hot Press”

Injured Squirrel (I didn’t do it)

Everybody knows I hate squirrels. I hate them because they clear out my bird feeder within 10 minutes of me filling it always. I especially hate them because my neighbor hand feeds them peanuts. Ohhh, let’s reward the little snots with a big juicy… Continue Reading “Injured Squirrel (I didn’t do it)”

Let’s Paint an Autumn Maple Leaf!

I can tell by search information that a lot of people are trying to learn how to paint autumn trees and such right now. I don’t blame them! What a wonderful idea to take advantage of the season. To tell you the truth, I… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint an Autumn Maple Leaf!”

Let’s Paint an Autumn Tree!

Did I ever tell you how much I love Autumn?!? I love it, I love it, I looooove it! Maybe you have heard me say it a million times, but Autumn is the most glorious, mysterious time of the year. Beautiful aspects of nature… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint an Autumn Tree!”

Emergency Basswood Sketch

To prevent my brains from turning into liquid mush because I’m sooooo bored at work, I had to perk up and do an emergency nature sketch. Hold all calls please…. Armed with a yellow pad and a blue bic pen, I sketch two basswood leaves… Continue Reading “Emergency Basswood Sketch”

Guarding the Field Sketch

I did this quick sketch the other day after work and before night school. The three deciduous characters are my field guardians. They loyally stand in place to take account for all that enters the field. Who will be deemed worthy to sit on… Continue Reading “Guarding the Field Sketch”

International Day of Climate Action There is no doubt that humans have contributed to the out of control rise in carbon dioxide especially within the last 100 years, unless that is, you are a business man or politician. Scientists say right now the atmosphere contains 387 parts per… Continue Reading “International Day of Climate Action”

Let’s Paint Autumn Trees in Cold Rain!

This next step-by-step watercolor painting is completely made up. I have been under the weather for several days now, a week actually, and I just was not healthy enough to get outside. While I may be sick, I’m never too sick to pick up… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint Autumn Trees in Cold Rain!”

White Oak Sketch aka I don’t Fit In Sketch

After work I stopped at the Palos Woods North and just sat in the parking lot. I stepped out of the car and pick up this tiny branch from the parking lot floor. How I love autumn leaves. This twig measures 6 inches exactly.… Continue Reading “White Oak Sketch aka I don’t Fit In Sketch”