Winter Gray Fun Sketch

The most magical time in winter is when the sky is darker than the snow on the ground in the middle of the day. Yessss. I love it. I love looking at snowy rooftops against a gray sky as well. I remember as a kid looking out the window on late afternoons in December at a snow saturated dark … Continue reading Winter Gray Fun Sketch


Let’s Paint a Winter Tree!

One of the most beautiful structure in nature is the skeleton of a winter tree. It is only after the leaves have all disappeared that one can appreciate its unique form. But doesn't the tree's leaf tell its character? Not really, I don't think so. So let's have fun by painting a winter tree with watercolors and … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Winter Tree!

Woodland Birds

Last weekend while hiking, I came upon some benches that had walnuts on them. I did not put them there. Feeding the wildlife is prohibited in the Cook County Forest Preserves, it's a definite no-no. But boy did I get to see some up close birds! My favorite of the bunch: white-breasted nuthatch. Hey...Look at me … Continue reading Woodland Birds

No More Squirrels

My hubby bought me an early Christmas present. Weeeeee! It's a squirrel buster feeder! Oh you're going down now squirrels! DOWNNNNN Now I will have unlimited birding enjoyment for hours and hours and hours. My feeder will not be completely dumped within the first five minutes and I will sit back with a smile on my face … Continue reading No More Squirrels

Swamp Rose Mallow Seed Pod Sketch

Just because something is a weed, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful and even though the height of its beauty has faded, the swamp rose mallow (swamp hibiscus) has something to offer in winter...its beautiful seed pods!    What a lovely structure! On schedule, the rose mallow seed pods open up and expose their seeds. Whether wind or … Continue reading Swamp Rose Mallow Seed Pod Sketch

Winter Tree and Snow Sketch

Whenever you're unhappy with your own current weather conditions and you long for something else....just make your own! I love snow. I love to watch it fall, I love to hike in it, but what I love most of all is to paint snow. My Dad (who moved out West because he hates Chicago weather) … Continue reading Winter Tree and Snow Sketch

Lichen, Moss, and Mushroom Sketch

Just look at the beautiful specimen I found while hiking last Sunday! I always like to note what the weather conditions are because I think it is so vital to what you encounter in the woods. While I was hiking it was 41°F, raining and there was a light fog hovering above the horizon. Here … Continue reading Lichen, Moss, and Mushroom Sketch

The Art Police Issues Tickets

I am always striving to be a good motivator. I like motivating people, it makes me feel good and it helps other people. When they don't take my advice however, it's time to get serious. It's for their own good. Today I had to be the art police and issue a ticket to a friend (named … Continue reading The Art Police Issues Tickets