Let’s Paint a White Throated Sparrow!

Well, I fell in love with these little suckers ever since I saw them the other day. So let's paint them in watercolors before they're gone... Step 1: Start with a simple sketch in graphite. Don't worry if every shape and line is not perfect. You aren't obligated to stay in the lines....ever! This isn't work, … Continue reading Let’s Paint a White Throated Sparrow!


Let’s Paint a Siberian Iris!

This beautiful Siberian Iris (of which type I do not know) unexpectedly grew in my neighbor's yard. Sandy my neighbor, claimed that she did not plant it. I said, "Maybe the bulb fairies did it?", but she didn't buy it! Anyway, what a treat to have something this beautiful mysteriously appear in your yard. So … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Siberian Iris!

Let’s Hike in the Rain at Spears Woods

Am I crazy? No! There are many things we miss when we decide not to hike because it is yucky outside: 1. Wildlife is abundant. 2. Humans are not abundant (perhaps the reason for wildlife abundance). 3. The smell of the earth. Yum! 4. The pattering sound of the rain hitting leaves and puddles. 5. The color of … Continue reading Let’s Hike in the Rain at Spears Woods

Chipping Sparrows Return

Oh Boy! Look who I found eating seeds below my bird feeder...it's a chipping sparrow! You know winter is behind when you see this little guy. Notice his chestnut colored crown and distinguishable eye stripe. One cool fact: according to my Birds of Illinoisby Stan Tekiela, these little guys migrate at night in flocks! Welcome … Continue reading Chipping Sparrows Return

Let’s Paint a Spring Wildflower!

"Oh you're such a squill!" Try saying that to someone at work today. I did! And before they hit you say, "It means you're a really beautiful blue spring flower!" Then run if they don't believe you! Well, you can always show them this site for proof. Let's show them how to paint that beautiful … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Spring Wildflower!

What’s in the Palos Woods?

Oh how I love a good hike in the woods! What's so great about a walk with a million trees that all look the same? Oh, let me show you... It's not just a bunch of trees.... Last week I went hiking in the Palos Woods, part of the Cook County Forest Preserve Zone 7 … Continue reading What’s in the Palos Woods?

Dead Robin Sketch

This morning when I arrived at work I saw a large lump laying in the parking lot. What's that??? As I got closer I realized it was a poor robin that lost his race with a car.  I'm guessing this poor robin was not hit at a high speed because there was no blood, just a crushed-in skull on one … Continue reading Dead Robin Sketch