Radnor Lake Watercolor Sketch – Tennessee

Vacation Time!!! Oh Boy! I recently had the chance to visit beautiful Nashville, TN, where there are green things growing and nothing is frozen! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy! Holy Cow...this has been such a brutal winter in Chicago that I forgot what grass looks like. Really! This sketch is of Radnor Lake, which is about 15 mins from … Continue reading Radnor Lake Watercolor Sketch – Tennessee


Tender Devotion Watercolor – Winter Tree

The light changes and you catch yourself holding your breath. A fiery glow in the horizon...enthralling. Its ending presentation a hot display quietly turns into a mauve hush. Oh quickly went the dusk that took my tender devotion; Can we meet again tomorrow? Over the weekend my intent was to be in the woods. As … Continue reading Tender Devotion Watercolor – Winter Tree