Sleeping Mallard Sketch

I found this pair of mallards sleeping on a branch in a pond right next to the trail. So close in fact, that I was able to walk right next to them and take a photo. As I approached the male, one eye opened...and then closed. Two seconds later the female's one eye opened...and then closed. … Continue reading Sleeping Mallard Sketch


Visiting Bunny Sketch

I have a new visitor in my backyard. For the last week, a newly released domesticated rabbit has taken residence in my yard. I am kind of happy...I love fluffy bunny. Everyday when I come home from work, I proceed to the backyard baring gifts of carrot, celery, and lettuce. After many days, this bunny … Continue reading Visiting Bunny Sketch

Red Wing Blackbird Sketch

Spring...hello...spring? Where did you go? Yesterday was 65°F and mostly sunny, just beautiful. But when I woke up this morning, I was greeted with a snow storm!  Yes, the temperature has dropped over 30 degrees and brought with it a northern storm. What a teaser. Anyway, the birds are scrambling for food. Including this red-wing blackbird … Continue reading Red Wing Blackbird Sketch

Sounds from the Creek

Sit back and relax, enjoy the sights and sounds from Crooked Creek: play for creek sound I went for a hike last weekend armed and dangerous with my voice recorder. I couldn't resist stopping by the creek to get a 40 second sample of tranquility. Aahhhh.... Speaking of water...Here is an easy way to create … Continue reading Sounds from the Creek

Gorgeous Day Sketch

The grasp of Winter's hold had slipped as Spring crushed its dominion, breaking through and reaching out...infecting us all.  A dramatic sentence, huh? Well dramatic best describes a day like today. Life returned. All of the snow has melted. The temperature soared to 58°F and the sun was unstoppable! Insects awoke from a torpor state … Continue reading Gorgeous Day Sketch

Good Morning Hawk

Hot Dog!! I knew today was going to be a good day when as soon as I stepped out the door, I saw a hawk in my tree. Slowly I reached for my camera to get a good shot but scared him anyway and he took off. Here is a close-up: At this very second … Continue reading Good Morning Hawk

Tree Rat (Squirrel) Sketch

Now I know what you're thinking...No, I didn't go to the other side. I am not a squirrel lover. They are still tree rats. But this particular one didn't dump my bird feeder, matter of fact I was in his territory, deep in the woods. I have a certain respect for them when I'm wandering … Continue reading Tree Rat (Squirrel) Sketch