Monthly Archives: March 2010

Sleeping Mallard Sketch

I found this pair of mallards sleeping on a branch in a pond right next to the trail. So close in fact, that I was able to walk right next to them and take a photo. As I approached the male, one eye opened…and then closed. Two seconds later the female’s one eye opened…and then closed. I said to myself, “Oh you’re just fake sleeping!” It reminded me of my children on Christmas Eve night, too excited to really fall asleep, they lay still with eyes closed trying to be good, but occasionally opening one in hopes of seeing a man in a red suit.

I was soooo wrong!

After doing a little research on the mallard duck, I discovered that mallards as well as some other birds, sleep with half of their brain awake and aware of what is going on, even alert enough to look around and the other half asleep. The eye that opened to see if I was dangerous was controlled by the hemisphere that was awake. How amazing. Here is an article which describes what is taking place.

I am fascinated with wildlife behavior. Their intentions are pure; violent or kind, it doesn’t matter, they are true intentions. Animals cannot look you in the eye, tell you one thing while believing the opposite in their hearts like humans. This is why I love wildlife.


Visiting Bunny Sketch

I have a new visitor in my backyard. For the last week, a newly released domesticated rabbit has taken residence in my yard.

I am kind of happy…I love fluffy bunny.

Everyday when I come home from work, I proceed to the backyard baring gifts of carrot, celery, and lettuce. After many days, this bunny actually runs up to me now, when he sees a carrot (his favorite) in my hand.

I wanted to name him, “Chocolate Sundae” (can you tell I have ice cream on the mind?) but my husband said that’s too many words…so his name is Sundae. He looks like a giant mound of vanilla ice cream with wonderful toppings of chocolate and caramel. Yummmm.

Here is the actual photo. I was thinking of finding a cage and really taking care of him but decided not to as I already have too many responsibilities. I’m sorry somebody let him go, he’s such a charmer, but I will help feed him because he has won my heart.

Red Wing Blackbird Sketch

red-wing blackbird at feeder watercolor sketch

Spring…hello…spring? Where did you go?

Yesterday was 65°F and mostly sunny, just beautiful. But when I woke up this morning, I was greeted with a snow storm!  Yes, the temperature has dropped over 30 degrees and brought with it a northern storm.

What a teaser.

Anyway, the birds are scrambling for food. Including this red-wing blackbird at my feeder. Yes, they do visit feeders. My neighbor and I both have several feeders in our yard so it is usually bird heaven. Two years ago, I noticed a male and female red-wing blackbird hanging around. Last year we had two female and two male red-wings! But wait! It gets better! This morning I counted 4 male red-wing blackbirds! I guess the word got around.

My squirrel buster feeder however, only supports one red-wing before completely closing the holes. So they must have patience and wait their turn.

Now Available Prints and Cards

Good news!

Some of my artwork is now available as high quality archival prints, prints on canvas, and greeting cards through Fine Art America.

Sell Art Online

Check back as new artwork will be uploaded.


Sounds from the Creek

Sit back and relax, enjoy the sights and sounds from Crooked Creek:

play for creek sound

I went for a hike last weekend armed and dangerous with my voice recorder. I couldn’t resist stopping by the creek to get a 40 second sample of tranquility. Aahhhh….

Speaking of water…Here is an easy way to create bubbles using watercolors and rubbing alcohol. Paint your water. While your paint is still wet, take a cotton swab loaded with rubbing alcohol and touch the paint. You might not see anything at first, but wait until it dries…

Easy to do, water effect.