Month: March 2010

Sleeping Mallard Sketch

I found this pair of mallards sleeping on a branch in a pond right next to the trail. So close in fact, that I was able to walk right next to them and take a photo. As I approached the male, one eye opened…and then… Continue Reading “Sleeping Mallard Sketch”

Visiting Bunny Sketch

I have a new visitor in my backyard. For the last week, a newly released domesticated rabbit has taken residence in my yard. I am kind of happy…I love fluffy bunny. Everyday when I come home from work, I proceed to the backyard baring… Continue Reading “Visiting Bunny Sketch”

Red Wing Blackbird Sketch

Spring…hello…spring? Where did you go? Yesterday was 65°F and mostly sunny, just beautiful. But when I woke up this morning, I was greeted with a snow storm!  Yes, the temperature has dropped over 30 degrees and brought with it a northern storm. What a teaser.… Continue Reading “Red Wing Blackbird Sketch”

Now Available Prints and Cards

Good news! Some of my artwork is now available as high quality archival prints, prints on canvas, and greeting cards through Fine Art America. Check back as new artwork will be uploaded. Enjoy!

Sounds from the Creek

Sit back and relax, enjoy the sights and sounds from Crooked Creek: play for creek sound I went for a hike last weekend armed and dangerous with my voice recorder. I couldn’t resist stopping by the creek to get a 40 second sample of… Continue Reading “Sounds from the Creek”

Gorgeous Day Sketch

The grasp of Winter’s hold had slipped as Spring crushed its dominion, breaking through and reaching out…infecting us all.  A dramatic sentence, huh? Well dramatic best describes a day like today. Life returned. All of the snow has melted. The temperature soared to 58°F… Continue Reading “Gorgeous Day Sketch”

Good Morning Hawk

Hot Dog!! I knew today was going to be a good day when as soon as I stepped out the door, I saw a hawk in my tree. Slowly I reached for my camera to get a good shot but scared him anyway and… Continue Reading “Good Morning Hawk”

Tree Rat (Squirrel) Sketch

Now I know what you’re thinking…No, I didn’t go to the other side. I am not a squirrel lover. They are still tree rats. But this particular one didn’t dump my bird feeder, matter of fact I was in his territory, deep in the… Continue Reading “Tree Rat (Squirrel) Sketch”