Sketchcrawl at Little Red Schoolhouse

Today was the sketchcrawl at the Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center. We had a very small group (2 people), but small is good when learning how to sketch and that's exactly what we did, went out, picked a spot and did a sketch step-by-step. Here was our view: This is Long John Slough. We liked the … Continue reading Sketchcrawl at Little Red Schoolhouse


Let’s Paint a Butterfly

This post and painting is dedicated to my beloved friend and artist companion, Sharon, who was taken away too early in life today, 07-26-2010. She always encouraged me in my art adventures and was one of my best cheerleaders. Sharon also had incredible talent in art but had trouble finding time to settle down and … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Butterfly

Gull Sketch

Last week I made a visit to a local retention pond, turned park and made a quick sketch. Centennial Park has a paved walking trail and a pier. The pier had several gulls and even though they are not my favorite birds (I call them parking lot rats or flying rats), I painted them anyway.  … Continue reading Gull Sketch

Grand Opening Little Red Schoolhouse Educational Center

The Little Red Schoolhouse of Willow Springs, IL, had its Educational Center grand opening today! I worked as a volunteer and was able to experience this great event up close!  Here we have one of two mounted police protecting the area. This horse had the most amazing crystal ice blue eyes...very cool!   Because this was … Continue reading Grand Opening Little Red Schoolhouse Educational Center

Alder Tree Sketch

This is a European Alder tree, Alnus glutinosa, growing along side of Lake Katherine. What caught my attention was the fruits growing near the top. From a distance, I thought they were berries however, when I inspected them up close, I found some neat looking "cone" shape fruits. This deciduous tree's fruit reminds me of … Continue reading Alder Tree Sketch

Oil Spill Shell Sketch for Ripple

Do you feel helpless when you watch the news and see the continuing oil spill for the millionth day and think that you can do nothing about it? Well you can do something! Ripple is a site dedicated to raise money for the injured wildlife by selling artwork. You do not need to be a professional artist to … Continue reading Oil Spill Shell Sketch for Ripple