See Me at the Little Red Schoolhouse Art Show

Hello Nature Friends! Next Sunday from 9-5pm, October 4th, I will be at the Little Red Schoolhouse Art Show which is being held at Swallow Cliff Woods North due to ongoing construction at the schoolhouse. Swallow Cliff Woods North: about one block west of LaGrange on Cal-Sag Road (Route 83) I'll be at the booth with … Continue reading See Me at the Little Red Schoolhouse Art Show


Male Chickweed Moth

I found this handsome fellow on the back splash of my stove. He might be snacking on some bacon grease (just kidding, moths do not eat animal fat). Do you see his beautiful plumose antennae? That distinguishes him as a male. The female only has a regular thread like antennae. With my two cupped hands I … Continue reading Male Chickweed Moth

Autumn Tree and Leaves Sketch

It's here! It's finally here, my favorite season EVER...Autumn! Good things happen in autumn. My favorites are; the blazing colors, the way the earth smells sweet from decaying leaves, cooler temperatures, and hearing leaves rustle around. I LOVE IT! Here is what I am noticing in September... Do me a favor, when you find an autumn leaf … Continue reading Autumn Tree and Leaves Sketch

Let’s Paint Woodland Berries!

Cool Beans here we go, we're about to paint the woodland berries we found at the McLaughry Spring Woods using watercolor paints!!! Step 1: In this painting we are going to paint all three berries at once. Make a rough sketch of all 3 berry types: from top left, #1 false solomon seal, #2 doll's … Continue reading Let’s Paint Woodland Berries!

Woodland Berries in September

Oh BOY! I love finding berries! I also love eating berries, but only from the grocery store (blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries; in order of preference) , I don't trust my berry knowledge in the forests to eat without getting sick! Not yet anyhow. Here is what the McLaughry Spring Woods had for me: False Solomon … Continue reading Woodland Berries in September

Female Goldfinch on Coneflower Sketch

In my backyard I have a purple coneflower bush that I love. At this time of the year however, you are hard pressed to find any pretty purple petals left. The American Goldfinches don't mind...they just love the seeds! One in particular olive colored female quickly flits  from cone head to cone head sampling the goods. The coneflower … Continue reading Female Goldfinch on Coneflower Sketch

Let’s Paint the Harvest Moon Kitty!

I'm so excited for autumn (my favorite season), that this next painting came right out of my head. OK, this one is easy for everyone, I promise! You can do this watercolor painting, no problem,  just in time for the harvest too... Step 1: Make a rough sketch on watercolor paper with your pencil. This … Continue reading Let’s Paint the Harvest Moon Kitty!

Fading Fast Lily Sketch

As I walked into work today, I noticed the prettiest, lonesome little lily on a small manicured bush. Many of the leaves on the bush are a yellow/brown and several withered lily corpses still cling to dead stalks. Today, I see one flower and one bud still putting on a show. I appreciate them. As … Continue reading Fading Fast Lily Sketch