Month: November 2008

Let’s Paint Tree Roots!

Today we are going to paint a picture of an awesome tree I spotted on one of my hikes at Starved Rock. I fell in love with this tree the minute I laid eyes on it! The root structure of this oak tree made… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint Tree Roots!”

Nuthatch at my Feeder

Oh BOY! Look who came for a visit at my feeder today!!! It’s the white-breasted nuthatch! My friend now, I guess. So why the heck am I so excited about a year round bird in my state of Illinois? Because he never visits me!… Continue Reading “Nuthatch at my Feeder”

Let’s Paint Autumn Berries!

When I was at Starved Rock I found more blue berries. Not blueberries, but blue berries. That fact alone has made it impossible for me to identify this plant on a search site because the site always wants to substitute my berries. I’m guessing… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint Autumn Berries!”

Hummingbirds in November in Chicago???

No way… Yes way! Daily Herald photographer George LeClaire not only witnessed one, but took terrific photos! If you’re not excited yet, the one he witnessed was a rufous hummingbird! The rufous hummingbird is rarely spotted in this area, only visiting durring migration. Click here… Continue Reading “Hummingbirds in November in Chicago???”

Canyons at Starved Rock

I had the fortunate opportunity to escape to Staved Rock in Utica, IL this weekend! Starved Rock is about an hour and a half west of Chicago. The area contains miles of trails and several canyons with waterfalls! Today I walked a one mile… Continue Reading “Canyons at Starved Rock”

One Bad Squirrel

I dream of a world where all animals live in peace…with each other. Crazy? It could happen! I thought it did for a while when I video recorded sparrows, mourning doves, and a squirrel sitting together eating in peace, All was well in animal… Continue Reading “One Bad Squirrel”

Save the Date!

Friday November 14, 2008 7-9pm LaGrange Art Gallery Come out for a fun night of art, music and food! Think you can’t afford fine art? Think again! Each member of the gallery was allowed one large painting and four minis. The mini paintings cannot… Continue Reading “Save the Date!”