Month: July 2009

High Noon Summer Sketch

Determined to complete another lunch-time sketch, I headed out the door at exactly noon and went to work! Today was a beautiful warm day. Noon can be a challenge to paint, why? Think about it, where is the sun coming from? Directly overhead it… Continue Reading “High Noon Summer Sketch”

Scaredy Cat Sketch

My kitty(normally a house cat), likes to come with me in the backyard on the mornings I don’t have to work. We sit together enjoying a hot cup of coffee and nature. On this particular day, a tiny house wren saw my kitty and let out… Continue Reading “Scaredy Cat Sketch”

Papoose Fisherman Sketch

I love watching people fish. Especially the type of fishing person that reminds me of my Grandpa; elderly, gentle, and having a grand ole time for hours in solitude with nature. At Papoose Lake, I came upon such a fishing person… What a terrific… Continue Reading “Papoose Fisherman Sketch”

Papoose Lake Fun

Recently I stopped at Papoose Lake to have some fun. Oh what fun I did have for sure! Papoose Lake is part of Chicago’s Cook County Forest Preserves, the Sag Valley area. It’s a quiet little place were few visitors stopped by to fish… Continue Reading “Papoose Lake Fun”

Hidden Pond Tree Sketch

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been super, super busy lately! Isn’t summer the time to take it easy and slow down…what the heck? Anyway, I haven’t painted or sketched in a long time (5 days!). I think I feel shaky? Oh, and… Continue Reading “Hidden Pond Tree Sketch”

New “How to Paint” Page

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but this site now has a convenient “how to paint” page where all the step-by-step demos are listed by category. click here to visit page You can also find the link on the top… Continue Reading “New “How to Paint” Page”

Let’s Paint a Comma Butterfly!

The day I went hiking and discovered the phoebe nest with babies, I also found this guy beside the stream: It is a Comma Butterfly sitting on the mud next to the stream, and that is exactly where my, “Butterflies of North America” book,… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint a Comma Butterfly!”

The Best Nature Sounds

This one is for all my nature lovin’ friends…. I stumbled upon the greatest site, it allows you to make your own combination of nature sounds  – FREE! The site is called sound sleeping and it gives you a “Drum Sleep Aid / Relaxation tool”, with this, you can… Continue Reading “The Best Nature Sounds”

Let’s Paint a Savanna!

I have decided to join the group, Wilderness Painters of Chicago! It is a group of artists that meet at different locations once a month in the Chicago area, to do a little “en plein air” (in the open air) painting. How exciting! Anybody… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint a Savanna!”

Tree by Work Sketch

I park in front of this tree every single day at work. It is one of several professionally manicured  landscaped pines. Professionally landscaped…reminds me of a golf course. Uggh. I much prefer the rugged woods, natural and wild. I have omitted several business buildings… Continue Reading “Tree by Work Sketch”