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Dark Night of the Soul Watercolor Sketch


Have you ever gone through a dark time? Maybe you know why you are feeling down, because there is a specific problem in your life, or maybe, you have absolutely no clue why you are feeling down. Day after day, something just isn’t right. It hurts and you can’t fix it.

If I asked you, where is that feeling located? Can you put your finger on it?  You might say…No, it’s too deep.

The deep can be a scary place, but see there’s hope. God’s Spirit reaches your spirit in the deep.

Look what David wrote when he was really depressed and filled with anxiety:

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls;
all your waves and breakers have swept over me.
By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me – a prayer to the God of my life.    Ps 42:7-8

He opened up. Distressed but still… by day love and at night, song. There is no hurt too far out of God’s reach, for He loves you. Let your profound rooted feelings speak from your deep to the deep of the One who cares. If you don’t know how to start, try this: “God, please help me.” He can take over from there.

I painted this watercolor sketch without the intention of a message. It’s funny how they just come out like that. Hopefully it has helped you, wherever you are.


Death, Time, and Purpose watercolor sketch



I’ve tried to sketch this dead tree many times before. It lives in a popular park that I escape to regularly. For one reason or another, I could never get close enough due to visitors.

It wasn’t time yet.

Yesterday I got lucky and was the only one there. As I began to sketch, a random memory came to my mind. I remembered looking at a dead tree once and a child asked me, “Why don’t they just cut it down? It’s dead.”

I proceed to explain that even thought the tree cannot provide life for new leaves, it was providing for others…shelter for the birds, food for the insects, which in turn means food for the birds, and a host for fungi.
It has purpose. Even some we can’t see.

It wasn’t time yet.

Now, my mind is bringing me to my Grandmother. A week shy of 95. In poor health. Missing mobility and all things independent. She wants to go home to the Father, but can’t.

I feel bad for her, for her season of waiting, and I secretly pray that I don’t live into my 90’s and end up in a nursing home. But then God whispers….

It’s not her time yet.

You see, this is how He communicates. While I’m sketching and painting, He directs my thoughts and gives me revelations. At just the right time.
If I had the opportunity earlier to sketch this dead tree while my Grandmother was not in the nursing home, then it wouldn’t have given me answers. But today she is touching lives that I can’t see. Whether it be for family, staff, or doctors, there is a delicate web of interaction. There’s a reason for all things. A time for everything. I feel comfort in this.