Month: February 2015

Frigid Sun Kissed Pines Watercolor Sketch

16°F with a windchill of 2°F Sunny Windy The sun paints pines with toasty colors, But does nothing to the raw wind. The steady wind numbs. And pine needles shave the ice. I love warm colors in the wintertime. You especially see it right… Continue Reading “Frigid Sun Kissed Pines Watercolor Sketch”

Sycamore Stands Alone Winter Watercolor Sketch

Oh Winter Sycamore~ Your camouflage skin failed. You grew it in vain. Against the black of pine, you radiate in contrast. But I like that unlikeness about you, your nonconformity… Don’t hide it. Be distinct. It’s your calling. The sycamore tree has a very… Continue Reading “Sycamore Stands Alone Winter Watercolor Sketch”

People Enjoying Winter Watercolor Sketch

These people do not have cabin fever. Adding people to your sketch (something I rarely do because I’m usually a hermit when I go out) gives movement and life and also provides scale. A nice challenge I think you’ll enjoy.

Amber Jelly Fungus, Lichen, and Moss, Watercolor Sketch

Beautiful parasites. Look closely at nature. There’s life everywhere. There’s a plan. Take your time when inspecting, like you have all the time in the world. Time? Throw away that watch.  Stop checking your cell phone…. Get lost in exploration. Winter has some secret… Continue Reading “Amber Jelly Fungus, Lichen, and Moss, Watercolor Sketch”

Snowy Winter Tree

Snow covers and mutes evening. Hush at dusk. Just when colors awake. Have you ever noticed that colors in the landscape come alive just before dark? Or how quiet it gets right after it snows? Oh the JOYS of winter! I never outgrew the… Continue Reading “Snowy Winter Tree”