Lichen from the Woods Sketch

Do you remember our hiking trip on Thanksgiving Day? Well, I found the most beautiful piece of lichen growing on a section of branch. This little piece of branch was laying in the middle of the trail. Ohhhh, ahhhh! I looks like an alien formation! I love it! I am fascinated with lichen. What is … Continue reading Lichen from the Woods Sketch


Country Lane Woods on Thanksgiving Day

I took a 2 hour hike at Country Lane Woods on Thanksgiving morning and was very thankful I did (get it, get it), because the wildlife was out in droves! I'm not sure why. Was it because the woods were empty of humans? Did the wildlife feel secure to venture out? Maybe. Here is part of the trail. It … Continue reading Country Lane Woods on Thanksgiving Day

Birds at My Feeder Sketch

Last Saturday, this was the scene from my window. Oh how happy I was! You may be thinking, "So what? You have birds that visit your feeder." This scene however, with a chickadee, a white-breasted nuthatch, and a male downy woodpecker happened at the same time! 99% of the time when I look out the window … Continue reading Birds at My Feeder Sketch

Let’s Paint the Chickadee!

Oh BOY! Do you remember the other day when I had a tiny little chickadee visitor at my feeder? I love him so much that I want to try to capture his uplifting acrobatic personality right on watercolor paper! Here we go, let's make a watercolor painting of the black-capped chickadee on cold press watercolor paper... Step 1: I am … Continue reading Let’s Paint the Chickadee!

Chickadee Love

If there ever was a pleasant birdie, that can instantly uplift your mood, it is most definitely the black-capped chickadee. This tiny little creature (only 5" at the most) is a bundle of pure energy. If you ever have the privilege of one visiting your feeder, it will not visit for long. Not because you are a bad host, but because its trait … Continue reading Chickadee Love

Affordable Art Sale

Huge art sale just in time for Christmas! Do you want to give original fine art as a gift but think you can't afford it? You might be surprised at how reasonable it can be. All pastel paintings will be 25% off from November 14 - December 19, 2009!             Click here … Continue reading Affordable Art Sale

Mighty Oak Watercolor

Over the weekend as I went hiking, I came upon this beautiful specimen. Isn't it mighty? Even with absolutely no leaves it has an impact. It's skeleton tells the story of strength. I don't know how old this oak tree is but it sure is gigantic. What can it teach me...  Why, this oak had much … Continue reading Mighty Oak Watercolor

Maple Leaves Watercolor Sketch

This morning I got a surprise from one of my co-workers and very close friend. She snagged a maple branch from her neighbors "perfect looking" maple tree just to give to me. Is that love or what?!? This morning at 8am it was such a brilliant shade of warm yellow. By 10am it was dull yellow … Continue reading Maple Leaves Watercolor Sketch