Monthly Archives: July 2015

Deep Forest Waterfall Watercolor


The chilled air is moist in the deep dark forest. The trail is lengthy and all you see are trees, but then you start to hear a sound…. You stop walking to hear it louder. Is that a trickle? You start walking again except your steps are quicker, happier. Then you discover it! A forest gem, a waterfall deep in the dark woods.


Shhhhhh…sorry! I’m shouting! Be quiet because there’s a chorus of birdsong which echos on the cavern walls. Oh the beautiful sounds of bird chorus and a waterfall melody!!

This was the scene a few months ago at Matthiessen State Park. It took me this long to paint from my picture. It has been a busy summer.

I hope you find a gem on your hike as well!
Happy Hiking and Sketching!!!

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Golden Field Watercolor Sketch



Sticky, uncomfortable, and it’s a full fledged war against mosquitoes.
The sun is brilliant but hot. I find a bench in the shade along the path. The bench faces a sun drenched field. On this field resides an active nest box. I do not know what type of birds dwell at this address.

The fledgelings inside become so excited when the parent returns with food, that their cries channel all the way across the field and plays within my ears. An enormous smile appears on my face.

Out of the corner of my eye, little drops of yellow glitter fall to the floor in slow motion as there is no wind. Are those leaves? This early?

Yes. One glance below my feet on the path confirms that there are autumn leaves on the ground. How did I miss those before?

Why is time flying so fast?