Of Nature Real and Manipulated

My love affair with nature will never end. I often think, "What will I do if my vision fails me as I age? Will I fall out of love?" I think not. You see thankfully nature is not just sight. It is smelling moisture in the air before a storm, it is hearing the wind … Continue reading Of Nature Real and Manipulated


Asian Ladybugs Hibernating Sketch

Oh Boy! Look what I found! It's a cluster of Asian Ladybugs (or Lady Beetles) hibernating under tree bark: I'm currently reading a wonderful book by Bernd Heinrich titled, Winter World.  In Heinrich's book he describes various animal techniques for survival in the winter. The book takes you through animals/insects who look dead but are … Continue reading Asian Ladybugs Hibernating Sketch

Hiking at Palos Park Woods

Let's go hiking at the Palos Park Woods, part of Chicago's Cook County Forest Preserve System Zone 7. Do you think a winter hike is boring? What can you possibly find in the middle of winter to hold your attention or to justify walking in 30 degree weather? Why, let me show you! Ooooh! No … Continue reading Hiking at Palos Park Woods

Let’s Paint Orland Grassland Prairie!

Oh Boy! Let's paint that sunset we saw at the Orland Grasslands a few days ago! Here we go: Here is my easel set up. I have my photo attached to the easel so it is easy to view as I am painting and I do not have to hold it. Today I am using … Continue reading Let’s Paint Orland Grassland Prairie!

Stormy Day Sketch

Why, it was just a week ago I told some friends I would give them $20 bucks if they can give me a thunderstorm! How I miss a nice rumbling thunderstorm. The kind that starts low in the distance, gently getting louder as it approaches. I do not get cabin fever in the wintertime because … Continue reading Stormy Day Sketch

Orland Grasslands at Sunset

Yesterday I made a visit to the Orland Grasslands. It's the kind of place you drive by and say to yourself, "I just want to run wild in that vast prairie! I want to run and run and run and never stop!" Orland Grassland is huge. It's about one and a half miles long by … Continue reading Orland Grasslands at Sunset

I Know Where You Hide Sketch

Mr. Cottontail, your cover is soooo blown! You're leaving your tracks everywhere: Do hawks read animal tracks? Probably not, so this cottontail rabbit is safe for the moment. I read them however and I painted them too! "I will do you no harm Mr. Rabbit, your secret is safe with me, be warm and safe...it's … Continue reading I Know Where You Hide Sketch