Month: June 2013

On the Bathroom Ceiling – Mushroom

I am not making this up, folks! How ironic I was just posting what grows on the forest floor (not done with that btw), when what do you know? Nature comes to me. Yesterday I noticed a little nub in the upper corner of… Continue Reading “On the Bathroom Ceiling – Mushroom”

On the Forest Floor – Saddle Mushroom and Lily of the Valley

OK, this guy was growing on a felled tree and the tree was on the forest floor. Is that cheating? Nah… I believe this mushroom is a Dryad’s Saddle. It has a beautiful warm pattern that circles the top. The pattern, if looked at… Continue Reading “On the Forest Floor – Saddle Mushroom and Lily of the Valley”

On the Forest Floor – Morel Mushroom Watercolor

The next few posts will feature some treasures I find while hiking in the woods. Walking slow and scanning the floor with my eyes, helps me notice things amongst the leaf litter which can be in camouflage and easily overlooked. Today’s watercolor is of… Continue Reading “On the Forest Floor – Morel Mushroom Watercolor”