Male Eastern Towhee watercolor

Well, this year I have not noticed any migrating birds at my feeder yet. Humf. Looking through my sketchbook, I could tell that the Eastern Towhee usually pays me a visit around the 3rd week in March. Here is 2009's sketch. Where are you Mr. Towhee? I'm checking the ground beneath my feeder everyday and you're not … Continue reading Male Eastern Towhee watercolor


Sketch Class Results March 2011

03-26-2011 25°F  cloudy, cold, windy We take a short hike on the White Oak Trail before we paint, even though it is terribly cold with a persistent wind, we desperately want to connect with nature. In search for Spring Beauty wildflowers we come up short, instead we find a partially frozen stream with razor-sharp shards of ice and geometric … Continue reading Sketch Class Results March 2011

Golden Sun Sketch

I see flashes of lightning through thick stained glass gothic windows and hear a low rumble of thunder on the other side of the vaulted wooden ceiling. Still wet from the outside, I close my eyes and smile in my pew remembering the golden sun of yesterday at Spears Woods when I first closed my eyes and … Continue reading Golden Sun Sketch

Emerging Crocus Sketch

Just as a ballerina twirls, the tender crocus unfurls as it emerges from the ground. That's what I thought of as I gazed upon the much awaited, first flower of the year. Its struggle to break through the soil, I guess just makes it stonger...and in such cold weather too! We all must struggle and grow before we … Continue reading Emerging Crocus Sketch

Arrowhead Lake Sunset Sketch

A reprieve from winter, a welcomed mild lovely! Yesterday I made a quick stop at Arrowhead Lake. The sun, enveloped in a slight haze and in the company of dark blue clouds, sets behind the trees, giving me a peek-a-boo yellow surprise in between branches. What do I hear? Unexpectedly, I hear the first chorus frog … Continue reading Arrowhead Lake Sunset Sketch

Purring Kitty Drawing plus sound

My crooked eared little kitty closes her eyes, nods her head, purrs ever so softly, and falls fast asleep. rumble rumble rumble rumble....... Oh how I love when she does that! I can sit and listen to her for hours. It is a great stress reliever. Maybe you are allergic to cats and cannot be around … Continue reading Purring Kitty Drawing plus sound