Month: June 2008

Follow the Leader

Today’s theme is: Follow the Leader. Everybody’s doing it. Ooops, does that phrase make me a follower and not a leader? Naaaah. Here is a group of geese playing the same game. It was fun to watch these guys swim from across the lake… Continue Reading “Follow the Leader”

Let’s Paint the Heron!

Let’s both paint the night heron that we saw at Lake Katherine a few posts ago! I believe with good instruction and practice anyone can learn to paint. How do you know you can’t draw or paint if you’ve never tried? OK, here we… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint the Heron!”

Wide Open Spaces

This photo was taken after a storm last Sunday in Grant Park, IL. Farm land. Nothin’ but wide open spaces! Notice the white capped sky, that was the trail end of the storm and oh what a big storm that was too! Tons of… Continue Reading “Wide Open Spaces”

Henry Has a Boy!

Look at that! Henry is hanging upside down to feed on a suet cake that is under the roof. Many of you may remember my Starling Bully problem….all starlings, no woodpecker. Shellmo gave me a great idea, she told me to buy this neat-o… Continue Reading “Henry Has a Boy!”

Black Crowned Night Heron

Look who I found fishing at Lake Katherine!!! It’s my first Black Crowned Night Heron. Here is an interesting note: Night herons are just like other herons except they feed at night. I took this picture at 5:30PM, so I guess he was having… Continue Reading “Black Crowned Night Heron”

Coming Soon

Nature blog and art website all in one! This page will be updated in a few days and will take over for Christine Kane Art and the Chicago Nature Lady. Feel free to view the fine art pages.