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Herb Spiral Watercolor Sketch


What is an herb spiral?

Well, it’s like a garden bed except instead of a raised box with plants planted in rows, it’s a circle and the plants are planted in a spiral pattern, allowing you to grow more in little space. What you can’t see it that it spirals on an incline, so the center is the highest spot. And guess what?? I made it MYSELF!


I salvaged the stones from a sidewalk demolition and placed them together like a puzzle, filled the inside with soil and lots of compost, then planted.

I LOVE herbs!!!! I LOVE running my fingers through the leaves and smelling my hands!!!! Ssssmmmmm….It’s the oils in the leaves that give the herbs their aroma. I have used every herb in some sort of meal. My favorite is to put fresh tarragon on asparagus, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, and broil for a few minutes. YUMMY!!!

How about you? Do you have a favorite herb recipe?

I first heard of herb spirals in my permaculture class. Permaculture is a way of growing in which you design using patterns from nature, catch and store energy, heal and replenish the soil as you grow, diversify, obtain a yield, and share the surplus with others. It’s better than growing organically. Not only do you not use pesticides, but you put the nutrients back into the soil as you grow.

Anyway…. Look at the rain gauge!!


It’s my favorite yard trinket and look how nicely it measures rain! Functional. I love it. I’ve had a lot of rain in my area this season. My garden loved it.