Let’s Paint Storm Over Orland Grasslands!

Do you remember a few days ago when I caught an awesome picture of a passing storm over the Orland Grasslands? Well, because I love it so much and because I want to save that moment forever...Let's have fun by painting it! Here is our reference picture: Holy Lovely-ness! Pinch me, was this for real? … Continue reading Let’s Paint Storm Over Orland Grasslands!


Parking Lot Tree Sketch

A sketch from a parking lot? What's so wonderful about that? Nothing. Unless you make it special. What I loved about this tree is that it is crooked. I am crooked so much of the time, that I can identify with this poor tree. It will work itself out as it grows and gains experience, … Continue reading Parking Lot Tree Sketch

Lake Katherine and Heron Sketch

I try to take my sketching supplies where ever I go. I have a canvas bag that I keep in the car. I don't always have time, nor do I feel like painting everyday, but it's there just in case. On a quick visit to Lake Katherine in Palos Heights, I felt the need... I … Continue reading Lake Katherine and Heron Sketch

Storm Over Orland Grasslands

Check out the gorgeous site at the Orland Grasslands this morning... Holy cow! What excitement! What beauty!!! I wonder what type of cloud this is?  The weather was not threatening enough for a wall cloud or shelf cloud, actually this was at the end of a passing system. I'm all over this picture as a … Continue reading Storm Over Orland Grasslands

Backlit Pine Sketch

At 2:30pm, under a hot sun, in the midst of 83°F temperatures, this is what I was looking at. A gentle breeze accompanied me as I tried to replicate this wonderful pine. What's so special about a stupid pine tree? Why, let me tell you... The sun blared behind the pine. Did you ever see … Continue reading Backlit Pine Sketch

Perseid Meteors, 1 Raccoon, and 3 Cops

I don't condone breaking the law in any circumstance, however, it was all in the name of science! Just kidding! Last night, very spur of the moment (I am so not a spontaneous person, btw), I met up with a friend and her husband to do a little meteor site seeing. Wanting to get away from … Continue reading Perseid Meteors, 1 Raccoon, and 3 Cops

Let’s Paint the Blue Dasher Dragonfly!

Remember we saw the blue dasher at Papoose Lake a few weeks ago? Let's have a lot of fun by learning how to paint this dragonfly using watercolor paints... Here is our reference photo. Isn't he handsome? Step 1: Make a rough sketch on 140lb. hot press watercolor paper using graphite pencil. Step 2a: Wet … Continue reading Let’s Paint the Blue Dasher Dragonfly!

Storm Coming Sketch before Night

After a warm day, evening enters bringing with it curious forms. Clouds gather allowing only slight peep holes for the setting sun. What do they intend? A brewing storm? I shall only be so lucky. This was the scene in my backyard at 8pm under promising clouds with a balmy temperature of 75°F. Sketching clouds … Continue reading Storm Coming Sketch before Night

Cloud and Tree Sketch

Just a happy sketch of what summer should be; perfect temperatures, puffy clouds, and a healthy green tree. This sketch was completely made up. I had some extra time but was tired of the same trees I have been sketching by work...so I made this one up!  The shape of the tree reminds me of … Continue reading Cloud and Tree Sketch

Let’s Paint the Green Frog at Papoose Lake!

Remember the little green frog we found at Papoose Lake? He's so cute! My daughter named him Bart. Bartholomew Green Frog from Papoose. Very fitting considering Saint Bartholomew's (one of the 12 Apostles) feast day is in August. Well, here we go...Let's paint the green frog in watercolors... Step 1: I made a sketch with … Continue reading Let’s Paint the Green Frog at Papoose Lake!