August Sketch Class Results

On Saturday August 28th, another successful sketch class was held at the Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center in Willow Springs, IL. Why was it successful? Not for the size of the class, but for the experience we had; for the beauty we experienced and for nature, which surrounded us and reached out to enrich our soul.    The first thing we … Continue reading August Sketch Class Results


Sketch Class Saturday

"There's nothing free in life." Said the pessimist. OH, YES THERE IS!!! Just a friendly reminder, this Saturday is the next free plein air sketch class at the Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center. If you are in the Chicago area and would like to attend, meet at the schoolhouse at 9AM. Unless specified, we are … Continue reading Sketch Class Saturday

Bookshelf Kitty Sketch

  I recently purchased a new bookshelf. No sooner after I put it together and before I could fill it with books, my kitty claimed her own shelf. No books will enter this shelf, I will honor her choice. I suppose it is a cool surface, a tiny hide-a-way spot where she can relax. I understand. … Continue reading Bookshelf Kitty Sketch

Nature Bookmarks Available

I love to read! Just about every night before bed, I try to get a few pages done. I also love painting! So I took the best of both worlds and combined them into one....introducing my new Nature Bookmarks. These bookmarks are like little pieces of fine art holding your spot. For starters, I've come … Continue reading Nature Bookmarks Available

Seek and You Will Find

One of my favorite past-times while hiking in the woods, is to take pictures of the inside of tree cavities. Oh how exciting! I want to know what is inside, but I'm way too big to get in there. Who lives in tree cavities? Many different types of wildlife, I suspect. So when I'm taking … Continue reading Seek and You Will Find

Let’s Paint an Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly!

Oh boy! You are really going to love this step-by-step watercolor demonstration on how to paint a female Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly (Erythemis simplicicollis) because it's so darn EASY! I know you can try this one home...come on...just try it! Here is my reference photo, not the greatest I know, but hey, I really did meet this … Continue reading Let’s Paint an Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly!

Weekly Sketcher Announcement

I've kept a little secret. I am proud to announce a phenology art project that I have been working on for one year has completed today on August 8, 2010. What is phenology? Phenology is the study of the seasons and how it affects plants and animals. To better appreciate what happens each week in nature, I … Continue reading Weekly Sketcher Announcement

Summer Patio Sketch

Summer. In my area it is time for summer. That time of year when the days are long and hot, the nights are short and cool and the crickets sing a soothing song. In my backyard, I have a tiny patio with a small table, perfect for getting away. When I can't escape to the … Continue reading Summer Patio Sketch