Art Supplies

Do you want to paint outside? Maybe you’re thinking of visiting a park, forest preserve, or your own backyard, and do not know where to start?

Here are some basic inexpensive supplies to get you on your way…
(click on picture for link)

You will need:

1. Travel watercolor pan set.
Pan Sets”/>

2. Watercolor Sketchbook
Canson Artist Series Watercolor Books

3. Watercolor Brushes
Royal Langnickel Soft Grip Golden Taklon Brush Sets, Round Set of 5, Short Handle, Set of 5

3b. OR Waterbrush
Niji Waterbrush, Mini (12 mm Tip)

4. Water Bottle

5. Cup

6. Paper towel or cloth

7. Pencil

8. (Optional) Micron Pens
Sakura Pigma Micron Pen

9. Camping Chair if no place to sit.

These are the supplies I use myself when I’m out in the woods. I place them all in a backpack with necessary snacks!
Remember to also consider the weather. The better prepared you are for the elements, not only with your painting experience be pleasant, but you will last longer outside. Here are some seasonal items to think about.

For Winter:
Waterproof boots
Waterproof winter coat
Hats, Gloves, Scarf
Long underwear
Hand and Feet warmers
A hot drink in a thermos

For Spring/Rainy Days:
Waterproof (not water resistant) Raincoat with hood
Rain boots

For Summer/Autumn:
Sun hat
Suntan lotion
Bug spray

Another important note: When going out alone ALWAYS text or tell someone where you are planning on going and when you plan on returning. I make it a point to always text my husband before going out. It’s better to be safe.

art supplies

Get outside and have some fun!!!


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