Nature at Fabyan Windmill – Watercolor

I sit underneath an oak tree whose arms sprawl against an intense blue sky this cool brilliant morning. The arms of the oak becomes a playground to the chickadees that delight here. Puffy clouds move southwest rather rapidly. The air is sweet, but I don't know why.... Rains from last night? I am not alone. … Continue reading Nature at Fabyan Windmill – Watercolor


Whatever is Lovely… Dwell on These Things – watercolor

In light of recent abhorrent events in the United States, one can find themselves in a state of disbelief, sorrow, confusion, and have a slew of unanswered questions. The answer to the question why, may never come. Violence never solved a thing and it never will. When current events get me down, I hear the … Continue reading Whatever is Lovely… Dwell on These Things – watercolor