Month: September 2008

Let’s Paint Pokeberry Poison!

On the Little Red Schoolhouse trail, I found Pokeberry! Pokeberry is a weed that has a hypnotic bright fuchsia stem and beautiful berries, but do note that Pokeberry = poison to mammals so do not eat!!! The toxins found in the leaves, stem and… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint Pokeberry Poison!”

Little Red Schoolhouse Fun

Today was a nice day to visit the Little Red Schoolhouse of Willow Springs, IL. There is a lot of construction going on around here, a two story educational building is being built right next to the schoolhouse. Parking is a little limited, but… Continue Reading “Little Red Schoolhouse Fun”

Let’s Paint Crawdad Slough!

This is Crawdad Slough, part of the Palos Division of the Cook County Forest Preserve System. Crawdad is a pothole filled with water, small but beautiful. There are no designated trails from this spot, but on the first day of Autumn, I could not… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint Crawdad Slough!”

Lucky Squirrel

This morning I had a visitor! Look who came by to my neighbors yard: It’s a beautiful hawk!!! I took this picture right out of my dirty window. He sat on top of that swing set for a really long time, just looking left,… Continue Reading “Lucky Squirrel”

How Birds Cope

After three straight days of non-stop rain, we received almost 7 inches in my area and twice+ that amount further north. The streets were beginning to flood and so was my neighbor’s yard. My neighbor has two pole mounted feeders that he religiously fills… Continue Reading “How Birds Cope”

Relentless Rain

Chicago is sitting in the middle of a wet pattern. It has been raining for 2 straight days and no end in sight for at least another 24 hours. Remnants of Hurricane Ike that hit Texas a few days ago is pushing humid, rainy… Continue Reading “Relentless Rain”

Rock Flipping Day at Horsetail

Yesterday September 7th was International Rock Flipping Day. Thanks to my friend Dave from Osage+Orange, I found out just in time! What is International Rock Flipping Day? That’s when you turn over any large rock you can, to discover what lives underneath, but you… Continue Reading “Rock Flipping Day at Horsetail”

Gotta Paint that Weed!

UPDATE: TOM WITH THE OHIO NATURE BLOG, HAS IDENTIFIED THIS PLANT AS THE “FLOWER OF AN HOUR”, HIBISCUS TRIONUM.THANK YOU SO MUCH TOM, YOU THE MAN! I have no idea what this is. The good thing is, I don’t need to know what it… Continue Reading “Gotta Paint that Weed!”

Paintings at the Gallery

Early Morning Autumn 24×18 This month at the LaGrange Art Gallery in beautiful downtown LaGrange, IL, the theme is “Fall Frenzy”. In keeping with the seasonal fun, I framed my latest pastel paintings, Early Morning Autumn and Let’s Take a Walk. Autumn truly is… Continue Reading “Paintings at the Gallery”