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Swallow Cliff South Sketch


Just as I started this sketch, an elderly couple sat at the picnic table to enjoy the surroundings of Swallow Cliff South. Talking to each other and occasionally smiling, my heart became tender. Tears started to well, but I kept my big girl pants on and held it together….


This was a future I thought I was going to have but my life had other plans. That’s not to say I will never have it, just not as I thought it would be. Why am I saying all this?

Because the God I find in nature is the One who carries me through. When I go out and get lost in the woods, it’s not just to play in the leaves, I am connecting. I am listening to the whispers in the wind for direction. I am waiting for the tug at my heart to follow a certain path. My door is open and I am seeking. I am quiet and I am waiting. Patiently (well, sort of).

I am never alone.

In the midst of pain it is hard to realize this but each day I can hear a little more clearly.

There is nothing special about me. This revelation is available to anyone who wants it. Anyone. Just be willing.

If you would like to tap into the promises made for you and understand what Christ has already done, please see the having peace page.

I am ready to live the life I was designed to live….whatever that may be. I fought the vortex from that black hole called fear. I’m not out of the woods yet, but well under way.


Autumn Thunderstorm and Tree Sketch


There’s something about a black autumn sky behind brilliant leaves. I love when menacing clouds gather, they seem to illuminate the trees and turn them on….just like a light switch!

That special treat is exactly what I experienced at my friend Alanna’s house recently. A very short but intense storm swept through with many lightning bolts and all of the yellows and reds in the leaves seemed to be on fire against the   clouds. I love experiencing and enjoying weather like that!!!


Here is a reference picture of the tree in her backyard well after the storm had passed.

What are some of your favorite weather moments???

Did you sketch them??

What Grows in Felled Log – watercolor

Watercolor Log

This watercolor was done from a friend’s photo of a felled log in the woods. I love how little seedlings took in the cavity of the log, making a very suitable home.  The wet forest floor makes perfect conditions for the yummy moss that encapsulates the log. How I wish to be tiny and make my home in one of these! Almost magical. I’m sure many insects also take advantage of this cavity and the woodpeckers seek their prize by enjoying a tasty snack! How wonderful it is deep in the forest!

Photo by Tommy E.

Photo by Tommy E. (Thank you!)

My watercolor may not look exactly like the photo…but that’s okay! I decided to make the autumn leaves grow way beyond just the top of the log like the photo. I think it looks better that way. The only thing I would do different would be to add salt to my watercolor before it dries in the area of the moss…that would have been a nice added texture! Next time!

I hope you are getting out there and enjoying this wonderfully blessed season!