Month: August 2014

What am I? Weed Watercolor Sketch

I am mesmerized by the most ordinary things sometimes…a simple weed…but then I think, there’s nothing really ordinary about this beautiful specimen. It’s an opportunistic, being the first to attack disturbed ground, it moved right in. From where? I haven’t a clue. It’s Popeye… Continue Reading “What am I? Weed Watercolor Sketch”

Summer at Twelve Thousand Feet Watercolor

Summer @ 12,000 Feet watercolor on 300lb paper Interested in prints or greeting cards?  Click here to view. I’m still having fun painting mountains. Such a contrast from where I live in Illinois…the flattest state in the US. But what’s really fun, is to… Continue Reading “Summer at Twelve Thousand Feet Watercolor”

Help in Troubled Times – Free Artwork – Afraid (true story)

This is a true story. About a month ago I was given a verse by my mom, who believed God wanted me to have it. It went something like this…. Because you trust in Me, I will help you… It may have been this… Continue Reading “Help in Troubled Times – Free Artwork – Afraid (true story)”