Sketch Class Results October 2011

A perfect midwest autumn scene: blazing reds, golden yellows and subdued browns. That's what greeted us this crisp (downright cold) autumn morning as we met to converse with nature. Our mission was to take a short hike and find at least three different leaves which spoke to us. We met at the fire pit circle and … Continue reading Sketch Class Results October 2011


Help in Troubled Times -Free Download- Promise

I encountered this gentleman last weekend while hiking. He's an elderly man who slowly walked with a cane. He seemed very friendly as he passed by and even complimented my dog. I really don't know much more about him. As he was almost out of sight when I wondered....Is he a widower? Does he have family? Has … Continue reading Help in Troubled Times -Free Download- Promise

A Year in Review – The Little Red Schoolhouse Sketch Class

I am happy to present:  A Year in Review...the Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center Sketch Classes. I am so very proud of every single person who showed up to paint. Some were afraid, not having painted ever in their lives. Some were confident being seasoned artists. All were one however, not viewing one as better than … Continue reading A Year in Review – The Little Red Schoolhouse Sketch Class

Autumn Storm at Night Sketch

Against the blackened sky The autumn leaves illuminate while Raindrops pelt, weighing heavy, Until the struggle is no more... then A descending swirl - the last dance. Getting swept up in the season last night, I made this sketch. When my daughter came home she yelled, "I HATE THIS WEATHER!" Then slammed the door. "Funny..." … Continue reading Autumn Storm at Night Sketch

Chukar Partridge Photos and Sketch

This chukar partridge was spotted by my cousin Jackie, who called me and asked, "Do you have your camera?!? GET OUTSIDE!!!" So I ran. What are you doing here Mr. Chukar? You live on the western part of the US year round and you do not migrate...this is Chicago! Hey, anybody from Nevada, Utah, Oregon, … Continue reading Chukar Partridge Photos and Sketch

Autumn Winds Sketch

The wind, being an advocate for winter, wants to strip the autumn trees clean. I the observer, while appreciating the forces of nature, want to retard this process. My power? Watercolors. I cannot bribe one leaf back on a branch, but I can record this day and the brilliant colors left...even if for only a while. That's … Continue reading Autumn Winds Sketch

Help in Troubled Times -Free Download- Sparrows

It seems as if we are bombarded with unsettling news nearly everyday now...high unemployment, rising prices, dysfunctional government, corporate greed, etc., etc... There is hope in situations which appear hopeless. Don't lose heart. Look at the birds of the air: for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. … Continue reading Help in Troubled Times -Free Download- Sparrows