Month: October 2014

October Sunrise Watercolor

My consecration. How do I pause morning and partake this very moment without your desertion? Rescue my heart and stay a bit longer… Oh, but you can’t. I will trap you with color and mix you with water and embed you in paper. My… Continue Reading “October Sunrise Watercolor”

Study of Acorns in Watercolor Pencil and Ink

I like to change my medium up a bit by experimenting with other forms. For these acorns, I started with a water soluble pencil, then added color with a few watercolor pencils, lastly sepia ink with a pen nib and well. I think this… Continue Reading “Study of Acorns in Watercolor Pencil and Ink”

Let’s Paint an Easy Oak Leaf!

Yes, it will be easy. Yes, you CAN do this! So let’s get started and learn a simple way to paint an oak leaf using watercolors. But first, let me show you my palette so that you have the names of the colors. The… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint an Easy Oak Leaf!”

Autumn Dwarf Maple Watercolor Sketch

10-12-14 I go off track and sit in the middle of a plowed field, surrounded by golden tones. A slight cool breeze brings a delight to my senses. The earthen aroma doesn’t depart like the breeze. I am thankful. Sitting here, I make peace… Continue Reading “Autumn Dwarf Maple Watercolor Sketch”

Go Honey Bee GO! sketch

Do you remember when you were a kid and played outside how many bees there were? I was constantly chased by them it seemed. Most of the time I outran them, with Wonder Woman speeds and fear mixed in. But 3 decades later….where are… Continue Reading “Go Honey Bee GO! sketch”