October Sketch Class Results

October 30th was another free sketch class at the Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center. A short hike took us to the location the group decided to sketch. It is of an overlook on Long John Slough. This autumn morning we had a crisp temperature of 44°F, little wind, and full sun. Along our hike we … Continue reading October Sketch Class Results


Let’s Paint an Eastern Bluebird!

The Eastern Bluebird is a beautiful bird that spends its summers breeding and living in my area before migrating south for the winter. They are not hard to find if you look in meadows and open fields especially if bluebird boxes have been set up there. The Little Red Schoolhouse has a few bluebird boxes in … Continue reading Let’s Paint an Eastern Bluebird!

Owl Moon Watercolor plus Sound

Keeping with the spirit of Halloween, I painted a spooky owl under crescent moon on a cold autumn night. And for a little fun, let's listen to him call.... (sound from CGEffex at http://www.freesound.org) Isn't nature fun?

Winter Tree Watercolors Plus Sound

Every time I begin a painting I ask myself, "What feeling are you trying to portray?" Do you remember the first time a chickadee surprised you on a tree branch? That instant feeling of delight? I want to capture that feeling and express it through the medium of watercolors or pastels. Or how about the cold blowing snows in … Continue reading Winter Tree Watercolors Plus Sound

Autumn on Maple Lake watercolor

Have you ever seen an autumn tree that was so brilliant and so luminous that it looked as if it had to be plugged into an electrical outlet? Wow, I love that. Yesterday I stopped by Maple Lake in Willow Springs, to check on the autumn foliage. I was very impressed. I never tire of the beauty … Continue reading Autumn on Maple Lake watercolor

Let’s Paint a Chickadee!

Chickadees are one of my most favorite birds. I don't see them too much in the spring or summer, but rather they like to visit my feeder in autumn and especially in winter. Just recently two chickadees have visited my feeder everyday, several times a day. It is such a treat to watch these tiny … Continue reading Let’s Paint a Chickadee!

Artists: Need Reference Photos?

Did you ever want to paint a picture of something you saw on a hike in the woods, but didn't have your camera with you? Or maybe your wildlife subject was just too quick and you couldn't get a picture? Well, have no fear! I've found a great web site for artists run by artists … Continue reading Artists: Need Reference Photos?

Art Fair Watercolor

Last Sunday was the art fair at the Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center. This was my view as I sat at my booth. I must say, I did have the best view! Not only that, but I was right across from the Kettle Corn booth. Every time they made a fresh batch, that wonderful aroma … Continue reading Art Fair Watercolor