Jan 2011 Watercolor Sketch Class Results

It is mild, there is no wind, and we are at a sweltering 30°F. Sweltering? Yes! After weeks of cooler temps, this is a heat wave in the Chicago area. So mild that the gang decided to sketch outside instead of inside! Yesssss! We are nature diehards! I had a vile of vodka to mix in our … Continue reading Jan 2011 Watercolor Sketch Class Results


Romantic Valentine Watercolor Sketch

Oscar loves Piggie forever...or until he rips the stuffing out. This is my dog's favorite, most beloved, toy Piggie. Well actually, this is Piggie #2, for he loves his Piggie toys so much that he loves them to death. As you can see Piggie is not bright pink like he use to be, but now supports a gray crusty belly. … Continue reading Romantic Valentine Watercolor Sketch

Free Watercolor Sketch Class Saturday

Do you want to learn how to paint in 2011 but don't know where to start? Or maybe the dollars are a little tight and you don't think you can afford a class? Well, have no fear....Free Nature Watercolor Sketch Class is here!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO! That's right! It's time to start our monthly sketch class again. … Continue reading Free Watercolor Sketch Class Saturday

Let’s Paint Twilight Winter Landscape!

This is a picture I took last winter at the Orland Grasslands. I think it was about 4:30, just before dark. Something about this scene caught my eye, maybe it was the openness of the field or that lonely moon looking down. Winter is wonderfully quiet. Do you ever escape to a place just to be … Continue reading Let’s Paint Twilight Winter Landscape!

Woodpecker Hole Sketch at McClaughry Spring Woods

01-13-2011 20°F  cloudy McClaughry Springs Woods Stopping by McClaughry Woods, you can't even say that I went for a hike, but rather just an emergency stop for 30 minutes in nature. When I'm only allowed a little bit of time, I try to be silent and pay extra special attention to what is going on … Continue reading Woodpecker Hole Sketch at McClaughry Spring Woods

Snow Flurry Sketch

Not feeling well, but desperately wanting to sketch, I stopped by Lake Katherine to do a quick one while sitting in my car.  The snow was falling at different rates; sometimes slow and then all of a sudden quick and hurried, just to return to a quiet, slower pace. I love snow. Try watching snow fall while … Continue reading Snow Flurry Sketch

Winter Queen Anne’s Lace

As a child, I grew up next to a small empty lot in the city. It was my special "field" where I spent much time exploring. I use to think it was so gigantic (it's really not). I would walk around studying plants in my field and my all time favorite was Queen Anne's Lace, an … Continue reading Winter Queen Anne’s Lace

Nature’s Jewels

2010 left with a bang...literally. The last day of the year woke me up with thunder, lovely winter lightning and thunder, how rare! As a result, when I looked out the window in the morning, every evergreen blade held a beautiful sparkling jewel. Oh, how lovely! Like diamonds glistening in the morning sun. The Christmas lights … Continue reading Nature’s Jewels