Month: July 2008

Goose Lake Prairie

I’m sorry I haven’t been very bloggie lately, but I ‘m having some transportation issues that are weighing me down. Nevertheless, I was able to take a wonderful trip with my mom to Goose Lake Prairie, which is about 1 hour southwest of Chicago.… Continue Reading “Goose Lake Prairie”

Summer Harvest

This picture is from my garden right at the height of summer flower harvest. The purple flower is salvia and the yellow is carpet flower. Two contrasting colors sitting right next to each other! It seems that after this point, the flowers in my garden… Continue Reading “Summer Harvest”

Suburban Visitor

Check out this photo that my daughter…who hates nature because I like it…took the other day! This is one gigantic hawk that landed on my neighbor’s roof. It’s HUGE! I’m guessing it’s a red-tail but not positive. That’s my girl, I know the love… Continue Reading “Suburban Visitor”

Lovely Fritillary

With his caramel and chocolate markings, this male Great Spangled Fritillary unknowingly blessed my hiking adventure by posing for me as he sampled a bit of sweet pollen. My Butterflies of North America book, refers to his under marking as “silver spots”, but I… Continue Reading “Lovely Fritillary”

Let’s Paint the Waterlily!

After visiting Mr. Green Frog at the swamp, I was in a good summery mood, wanting to take some of that swamp home with me. What a better way to have a souvenir than to paint one! I decided not to paint Mr. Green… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint the Waterlily!”


What are we looking at, green muck? Look closely, there’s a prince in there somewhere! Can you find him? There he is! This little guy is about 3-4 inches long. Now I’m not really sure if this is a green frog or an American… Continue Reading “Rrribbit!”

Flying Flower

Is that a flying yellow day lily? Nah, not a flying flower but a flying male American Goldfinch! He’s looking right at us! I love him. He’s so bright and cheery with a pleasant song, always happy and chipper. These next few pictures were… Continue Reading “Flying Flower”

Let’s Paint a Nature Trail!

OK, I first have to say that I’m longing for autumn, my most favorite season ever! The greatest thing about being an artist is that you never have to follow any rules. Do I have to paint a landscape summer scene just because we… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint a Nature Trail!”