Vermillion River Watercolor Sketch

The air hung heavy with the threat of rain as we (Alanna and I), finally made it to the edge of the river. I had one eye on the sky trying to predict what it was going to do. The trail to the river wasn't too clear, overgrown with lush foliage and even a healthy … Continue reading Vermillion River Watercolor Sketch


Sketch Class Results Lyman Woods Downers Grove

This month, at the suggestion of a sketch group member, we decided to meet at Lyman Woods in Downer's Grove, IL, for our sketchbook MeetUp class. What a tiny gem! And crawling with springtime woodland wildflowers right now! Prairie Trillium Lily of the Valley And my favorite...Jack in the Pulpit! Amongst the beautiful, there was … Continue reading Sketch Class Results Lyman Woods Downers Grove