Monthly Archives: February 2010

First Flower of the Year Sketch

I’ve waited patiently for the first flower of 2010. It has been months since I’ve seen and touched a delicate flower in the wild. It has been a really long winter. Did I give up hope in flowers? During my dry period without, did I stop believing in them?

No, I believed and waited…waited…waited patiently.

That may sound ridiculous to you but it is a reflection of what I am going through right now with God. So many things do not make sence. I keep waiting for the moment when the fog clears and I say, “Oh! That’s why!”  Or when the lights go on and I can read the map which points me in the right direction. It has been a really dry time.

I will not let go. I will not doubt. I am not crushed. There is hope. Always.

“I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me, and heard my cry.”
Ps 40:1


Blue Jay Lovebirds Sketch

While hiking, I caught two lovebirds having dinner. On a romantic afternoon they met, waiting their turn ever so patiently to grab some nourishment, all the while keeping one eye to the sky for danger. After each was satisfied, together they flew off looking for their next adventure.

How romantic and just in time for Valentine’s!

Blue Jay Lovebirds watercolor

I was so inspired by these two, I had to paint them myself. As I was painting, I had an “ah-ha” moment; with a rigger brush and my mixture of black paint, I painted the bill of the right blue jay and suddenly saw the likeness of a crow. I always knew that the blue jay and the crow were related, but it wasn’t until my hand physically recreated the blue jay’s bill that I suddenly saw a resemblance to the crow. “Oooooh”, I said.
This is a great example of how an artist can become intimate with a subject through painting. You really can learn a great deal.

Click here for “Blue Jay Lovebirds” original watercolor purchase information.

Birds and Bagel

Just a few bird pictures from my hike last weekend, here we have a tiny little chickadee and an incoming downy woodpecker.

Now that’s odd. It’s not everyday you find a bagel in a tree. Someone left this bird treat on a branch for easy bird access. By the looks of it, some winged friend already had a taste.

This nuthatch has his eye on me. Don’t worry little guy, I won’t bother you.

These birds calm me down and replenish my worrisome mind.