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Lamb’s Ear and Honey Bee Sketch


Lambs Ear watercolor and black micron pen

I have a patch of lamb’s ear growing in my garden. It is silvery-green/gray and grows quite tall with tiny purple flowers around the stem. The flower buds look like tiny silver blueberries clustered together.

The joy of this plant is to touch its soft, fuzzy leaves. To sit on the ground while breathing deeply, going back and forth over the leaves with your fingers is pure tranquillity and an instant stress reliever. It feels softer than suede…o how much fun!

How blessed we are…not only for its beauty but to be able to interact with this plant and take something away. I consider it no such luck nor just a random happening that this plant was created, but with full intentions of the designer to bring us joy. I am truly thankful.


Lamb’s ear grows close to the ground in the beginning of the year and then in late spring – early summer sends out tall shoots that flower.


Here is a close up of the delicate flowers.

In warmer climates this plant may be invasive and hard to control but in my area it is just fine. In the winter time, when I’ve had enough of the cold, I can look back in my journal, admire my fuzzy plant and dream of spring.


American Goldfinch Painting and Video

The American Goldfinch is a happy bird. Or should I say, the one who admires the goldfinch is the happy one? Maybe a little of both.
I have a thistle feeder in my backyard, far enough away from any other feeder (goldfinches like their space). Many fly in on their “roller coaster” patterns and gather around to eat and sing their sweet song.

Enjoy this 1 min video of the male and female American goldfinch:

So amazed by their beauty, I decided to make a small watercolor painting.


The abstract background helps to keep the focus on the goldfinch and create a nice texture. I hope I have kept his peppy little spirit within this painting.

“Male American Goldfinch Delight”
original watercolor
click here to see if available

Rose Watercolor Sketch


Rose Watercolor Sketch

Under the weather and not myself, my Mom gave me the most beautiful delicate pink roses, which if I could include a scatch-n-sniff, would knock your socks off!!! They smell far better than I can paint them.

Roses are pretty difficult to paint, there is so much information going on there, but very self gratifying to accomplish…little by little and going slow helps to complete. The group of roses in the vase has a lot of negative painting around the leaves. Once you switch your brain to paint negative spaces, it’s not so difficult after all.


Here is a close up of the rose. It was challenging but fun.

I have the best Mom in the world!!!

Two Headed Pine Tree Sketch – Swallow Cliff


2-headed pine at swallow cliff south - watercolor

That evening light, the glow of the setting sun, it is so wonderful that it makes anything in its path illuminate with a gentle warm radiance.

“For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
The Lord will give grace and glory;
No good thing will He withhold
From those who walk uprightly.”
Ps 84:11

What are good things? I think the good things I sometimes overlook. Family, food on my plate, a roof over my head, the setting sun, gentle breezes, birds visiting my feeder, rain to water the earth, friendship…those are some great things of which I am thankful for. I am also thankful for the subtle things in nature…

This “two-headed” pine tree is at the end of the main parking lot next to the picnic shelter at Swallow Cliff South. It is my Mom’s favorite. When we stopped for a visit a few days ago, the sun awakened each pine bough with luminous needles.
How magnificent! 

This watercolor and ink sketch took about 30 minutes to complete and was given as a gift to my Mom.