Month: June 2011

Lamb’s Ear and Honey Bee Sketch

I have a patch of lamb’s ear growing in my garden. It is silvery-green/gray and grows quite tall with tiny purple flowers around the stem. The flower buds look like tiny silver blueberries clustered together. The joy of this plant is to touch its… Continue Reading “Lamb’s Ear and Honey Bee Sketch”

American Goldfinch Painting and Video

The American Goldfinch is a happy bird. Or should I say, the one who admires the goldfinch is the happy one? Maybe a little of both. I have a thistle feeder in my backyard, far enough away from any other feeder (goldfinches like their… Continue Reading “American Goldfinch Painting and Video”

Rose Watercolor Sketch

Under the weather and not myself, my Mom gave me the most beautiful delicate pink roses, which if I could include a scatch-n-sniff, would knock your socks off!!! They smell far better than I can paint them. Roses are pretty difficult to paint, there… Continue Reading “Rose Watercolor Sketch”

Two Headed Pine Tree Sketch – Swallow Cliff

That evening light, the glow of the setting sun, it is so wonderful that it makes anything in its path illuminate with a gentle warm radiance. “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord will give grace and glory; No good thing will He… Continue Reading “Two Headed Pine Tree Sketch – Swallow Cliff”