August 2011 Sketch Class Results

The group, 10 including myself, was the biggest we've ever had and on a morning like this one, it couldn't have gotten any better; The sky: pure blue, the temps: perfectly mild, and the artistic fellowship while connecting with nature: magnificent! We decided to hang out by Long John Slough and sketched the trail and background. … Continue reading August 2011 Sketch Class Results


Skinny Pine Sketch

Sometimes it feels good to get away....even if it is only for one day! That's exactly what I did last Saturday. I escaped to visit a long time friend in Hebron, In. We had a slumber party and talked for hours...just like we did when we were little kids! Anyhoo, it was my first time … Continue reading Skinny Pine Sketch

Help in Troubled TImes -Free Download- Waterlily

The objective of this website is to provide a tool for people seeking to become close to nature through art. Everything on here has to do with nature and/or art. Those were my own strict rules for myself which I have kept. That is why I refrain from talking about other issues like, my family, current … Continue reading Help in Troubled TImes -Free Download- Waterlily

Birdie Bookmarks

I've finished a new series of bookmarks...for those who love birds and books! Each bookmark is laminated and includes a tassel. $4 each or $12 for all 4 birds. Includes shipping in US Black-capped Chickadee bookmark. click here to order chickadee only $4 Eastern Towhee bookmark click here to order towhee only $4 Female House Sparrow bookmark … Continue reading Birdie Bookmarks

Nature at Lake Katherine Sketch

flora and fauna lake katherine sketchDo you want to go on a virtual field trip with me to Lake Katherine?!? Fascinating nature is ooozing from every corner this time of year and we're loving every inch of it! First, we'll start in the garden. Black-eyed Susans, Purple cone flower, and ornamental grasses surround the butterfly sculpture. And who enjoys … Continue reading Nature at Lake Katherine Sketch

Let’s Paint an Old Barn and Red Clover!

This is Illinois countryside. My cousin took this picture while a storm was approaching a few months ago. I love it. It shows a dilapidated barn in a field of red clover. What I like about it the most is how the picture shows that even after humans fail to keep up, nature keeps on going. Nature … Continue reading Let’s Paint an Old Barn and Red Clover!

Living Off the Land – Black Walnut Sketch

Live off the land...that's what I want to do...literally. My goal is to pay off all dept, sell my house, and live somewhere off-grid (no electricity, gas, etc). Bye, bye rate can kiss it! I don't know if this will ever be a reality, the spouse is not thrilled and doesn't see the light, … Continue reading Living Off the Land – Black Walnut Sketch