Little Red Schoolhouse Art Fair 2010

It's that time of year again! The annual Little Red Schoolhouse Art Fair is almost here. This Sunday, October 3rd from 10am-4pm, I will be at the fair selling original fine art, cards, and bookmarks. So far, the weatherman is predicting a beautiful sunny 60°F autumn day. This year is going to be hopping! The … Continue reading Little Red Schoolhouse Art Fair 2010


September Sketch Class Results

Our little group grew! Here are the September Sketchers at the Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center: Alanna, Chris (Me), Jackie, and Michelle. One love, nature; One mission, sketching! So here we go...Let's Paint Nature!    We hiked the Black Oak Trail half-way around Long John Slough, until we all agreed on a location we wanted … Continue reading September Sketch Class Results

Mini Sunset Watercolor

 This little guy only measures 3.5x2.5 (ATC size). Tiny is fun. Why? Tiny is fun because you're not obligated for hours trying to create a large piece of art. Tiny is fast. This only took 30 minutes to complete. Tiny is good for practicing. You can make many pieces of art and learn from mistakes … Continue reading Mini Sunset Watercolor

Free Sketch Class Saturday

Just a friendly reminder that this Saturday is another free watercolor sketch class at the Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center in Willow Springs, IL. We will meet in front of the schoolhouse at 9AM, rain or shine (if it rains, we will sketch inside). For an address and art supply list click here, it will … Continue reading Free Sketch Class Saturday

Let’s Paint Storm Over Autumn Tree!

Do you remember my hike at Bullfrog Lake after an intense but brief storm? Well, one tree in particular caught my eye. It is a tree which possesses such character, that it stops you dead in your tracts. It catches you staring at it for several minutes straight, like a bad behavior...but it doesn't mind, for it … Continue reading Let’s Paint Storm Over Autumn Tree!

Bullfrog Lake After Storm Watercolor

09-18-2010 66°F  thunder storm, cool breeze Bullfrog Lake Goldenrods nod in the meadow after a quick but intense thunderstorm rolls through, leaving every blade of grass and every turning leaf heavy, with large drops of rain. The storm has scared off people as Bullfrog Lake is barren, quiet, and peaceful. A fog lingers at the edge of the forest. Do … Continue reading Bullfrog Lake After Storm Watercolor

More Acorn Paintings

I'm having fun with these acorn drawings. Even though my style is usually loose, painting watercolor glazes over a graphite drawing produces a detailed, realistic painting and it's a nice change of pace. These miniature pieces of art are fun and affordable. "Occupied Acorn" is on a 5x5 piece of illustration board. Many layers of … Continue reading More Acorn Paintings

Let’s Paint Some Acorns!

Do you know that nature never ceases to amaze me? How often I hike, how often I notice things around me and it seems that I always discover something new...something different. I hope I never run out of things to discover. I hope I never learn everything. I never want to be a know-it-all. On a simple hike, I … Continue reading Let’s Paint Some Acorns!

Let’s Paint Trees at Dusk!

You are going to like this step-by-step pastel demonstration of how to paint trees at dusk! This may be a little advanced, but don't worry, with a little practice you'll be able to handle this, no problem. Here is my set up and reference photo. I took the photo at Goose Lake Prairie about 2 … Continue reading Let’s Paint Trees at Dusk!

Obedient Plant Sketch

Last week while hiking I stumbled upon obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana), in a small field near water. This is the time of year to spot them, beginning bloom is late summer. Why is it named, "obedient?" Obedient refers to the fact that if you take the stem and turn, bend, or twist it, it will remain in that … Continue reading Obedient Plant Sketch