Month: January 2010

Let’s Paint Winter Woods!

About three years ago I went hiking at Bull Frog Lake, right before evening in January. I came upon a scene that made me pause for a moment and fall in love. Winter’s intense setting sun was casting long shadows from the trees in the woods.… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint Winter Woods!”

Bone from the Woods Sketch

Do you remember the awesome raccoon sleeping in the tree-top discovery? Well, that’s not all I discovered that day…I found the most interesting bone laying right on top of the ice on my trail. Yes, a bone. Where did it come from? Who was chewing… Continue Reading “Bone from the Woods Sketch”

Where Do Raccoons Sleep…Right Here

I’m not kidding, every time I go out into the woods it’s a different adventure. Something new each time catches me off guard. As I took a hike this morning, I just happened to turn my head and noticed something odd. Do you see… Continue Reading “Where Do Raccoons Sleep…Right Here”

Hike at Palos Woods and Sketch

Today I took a quick hike at Palos Woods. Freezing rain? No problem! During the first five minutes of my hike I heard something wonderful…the creeking of tree limbs. What a distinct sound, created by wind, that broke the silence on this quiet winter afternoon!… Continue Reading “Hike at Palos Woods and Sketch”

Bittersweet Sketch

Oriental Bittersweet is invasive and American Bittersweet is native but becoming rare…I didn’t pay attention to which kind I found in the woods, but oh how excited I get when I see this plant in the wild. It’s a real, “Stop spacing out and… Continue Reading “Bittersweet Sketch”

Let’s Paint Farm Pond in Oils!

I use to paint in oils all the time. Then I stopped. I remember falling in love with watercolors and pastels and kind of just forgetting all about oils. suddenly, I had this urge to paint will oils again and I said, “Why did I… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint Farm Pond in Oils!”

Featured Artist at LaGrange Library

I’m grateful to announce that I am the featured artist at the LaGrange Library for the month of January 2010. Many pastel and watercolor paintings are on display. You also can see my collection of sketches from Jan-Dec. 2009 on the wall in the gallery.… Continue Reading “Featured Artist at LaGrange Library”

Soft Winter Sunset Sketch

Sunsets are a bit tricky to sketch, you have to be very, very fast, as you can literally see the colors changing before your eyes. The first sunset of 2010 did not disappoint, giving us a beautiful few moments before the clouds moved in… Continue Reading “Soft Winter Sunset Sketch”