Month: April 2014

Blood Moon Sketch April 2014

Last night was the spectacular Blood Moon. This is the first of four total lunar eclipses in a row, which is called a tetrad. Why does the moon appear red? The moon is reflecting the glow from the sun which is radiating on the… Continue Reading “Blood Moon Sketch April 2014”

Struggling Spring Sketch

Spring 2014 A struggle to wiggle free from winter’s grasp As any warm day is promptly choked And spring relents, refusing to quarrel Aloof in reverie… Are not the wildflowers underground awaiting? Awake spring for good! Gather your strength. Attack with your might. Alleviate… Continue Reading “Struggling Spring Sketch”

Arrington Vineyards Watercolor Sketch

This is Arrington Vineyards of Arrington, TN. Even in the month of March, the Vineyard is beautiful…and I can’t get enough of those blue rolling hills. I’m a red wine girl, but it can’t be sweet. So at the suggestion of the friendly and… Continue Reading “Arrington Vineyards Watercolor Sketch”