Cricket Poem and Watercolor Sketch

I can't sing. I couldn't carry a tune if you paid me. But when something touches you so wonderfully, when you find yourself caught in a moment in nature that inspires you soooo just want to belt it out! Well, luckily for you, I don't sing... I paint and when I want to treasure something … Continue reading Cricket Poem and Watercolor Sketch


Sketch Class Results Sept 2011

Beating the rain, the sketch class went forward to celebrate the autumn trees and the nature center which brought us together. Sitting under a tree as the chickadees watch, they are the audience and we are the performers. Versatile, we adapt to any situation and make ourselves comfortable. Penwork was finished at home. The moisture in the air made drying difficult. … Continue reading Sketch Class Results Sept 2011

Free Museum Day Saturday 09-24-11

This Saturday only (9-24-11), museums around the country are participating in Free Museum Day hosted by Smithsonian Magazine. You must choose your museum, have the ticket emailed, and print. Good for two people in a household. Click here for ticket info. Not only can you go to a museum for FREE, but in the morning … Continue reading Free Museum Day Saturday 09-24-11

Let’s Paint Evidence of Autumn!

Look around you...this time of year you can see evidence of autumn. Look at the very tips of the trees near the top. Do you see it? Yes, just a hint of autumn. My favorite time of year. Well, I'm not going to waste any time. Every day from now until the end of November … Continue reading Let’s Paint Evidence of Autumn!

Help in Troubled Times – Free Download – Faith

Negative thoughts kill success. Do you have them? Sometimes I unconsciously say them in my head without even realizing what I am doing. For example, "Oh, you'll never be able to do that...." or "That problem is too big and will never be're screwed!" Doubt is a form of fear. So I say, "No thank … Continue reading Help in Troubled Times – Free Download – Faith

Swallow Cliff South Hike and Sketch

I take the yellow trail towards the shelter (one of only a few remaining in the Cook County Forest Preserves). False Solomon seal berries are all along the trail. Speckled red on white and solid deep red berries are clustered near the forest floor. As I continue on the trail, a bit of bright red catches … Continue reading Swallow Cliff South Hike and Sketch

Camping Sketch

camping watercolor sketchTrailer camping...well, it's not really roughing it, but still a lot of fun! My husband's cousins own an RV and invited us up to spend the night. This sketch was done early in the morning while sitting on their deck drinking coffee and nibbling on some raspberry coffee cake. Yummmmmm.   This morning … Continue reading Camping Sketch

Help in Troubled Times – Free Download – Labor Tree

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels but getting nowhere? Well, if you are part of the incredibly shrinking to non-existent middle class of America, you are not alone. With the cost of taxes, education, housing, food, and healthcare on a fast rocket to mars since the 1970's it's no wonder we feel … Continue reading Help in Troubled Times – Free Download – Labor Tree