Waterfall Glen Sketch

Waterfall Glen is a small gem tucked away in the DuPage County Forest Preserves. It is near a 9 mile trail (that I did not walk) which surrounds Argonne Lab. Chicago is experiencing a very hot winter. Yes, hot. Believe it or not this week we will hit 70°F at least 4 times. Very strange. Anyway, … Continue reading Waterfall Glen Sketch


Help in Troubled Times -Free Download- Strength

There once was I time when I thought I had things figured out... "If I just put my mind to it and work really, really, really hard," I said, "I'll make ____ successful." Whether my "blank" was family, school, career, or finances, I thought I was in control and if it didn't work out....well...then it's my own fault. Then life … Continue reading Help in Troubled Times -Free Download- Strength

Look how I did on my black walnut harvest!

Just keeping it real folks. Remember how excited I was last summer to harvest black walnuts and how I can see myself living off the land, yadda, yadda, yadda, oh boy.... I should have started with something a little bit more easy. After hours of getting the husk off with my husband's old boot and staining … Continue reading Look how I did on my black walnut harvest!