Follow the Leader

Today’s theme is: Follow the Leader. Everybody’s doing it. Ooops, does that phrase make me a follower and not a leader? Naaaah.

Here is a group of geese playing the same game. It was fun to watch these guys swim from across the lake and then, one-by-one step onto land in a single filed fashion. No pushing or shoving occurred at all, I was very impressed.

I wish driving to work was that calm!


  1. I miss having close access to water birds. The marshes are so vast down here that nothing ever really needs to come close to shore at all.

  2. They are so sweet and interesting to watch when they are following each other. I’ve been getting into watching the water birds more and more.

  3. Drowsey: You’re a Nut! LOL.

    Lana: That’s sad! I never thought of that! I bet you get some great birds though.

    Shelley: It’s so relaxing to watch the birds, isn’t it? Great free therapy!

    Troy: Thanks! Glad you came over!

    Joan: I love when that happens, I think that when they fly in a V pattern they don’t burn up as much energy as if they flew single file. Cool!

  4. Christine; Yes, we do get great birds, regardless. 🙂
    FYI, I’ve given you an award on my blog. Please don’t feel obligated to go through all of the rigamarole attached to it, however. Just know that I love your blogs–old AND new!

  5. Chris,

    Your new website is VERY cool! I have been meaning to get here sooner, but this past week was really hectic. I have you bookmarked now 😉 I hope you & yours have a nice holiday weekend!

  6. Lana: Thank you so much for the award!!!

    Laughingwolf: Thanks and Welcome! I too am a nature nut and I’m always looking for more nature friends! Thanks for the kind word and a Happy 4th of July.

    Dave: Thanks Dave! I hope you have a nice relaxing holiday weekend!

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