Man Made Beauty

Ooooh Ahhhhh!

My trusty digital camera took this kick butt picture of Buckingham Fountain in Downtown Chicago a few nights ago. What a summer sight! Every Wednesday and Saturday night, the city provides fireworks at Navy Pier which can be seen from Buckingham Fountain. Last Wednesday, my family, some neighbors, and a bunch of neighborhood kids took the train downtown to experience this summer time treat. Not only can you enjoy fireworks but the fountain displays in several illuminated colors as it rhythmically spays in tune to some fantastic American songs!



  1. What an AMAZING photo!!! You must have been thrilled when you saw it full size for the first time. Excellent. Don’t you LIVE for moments liket this. The fountain glow is outstanding!!!

    Blessings, JJ

  2. Lana: Thanks! I wasn’t sure the night setting on my camera would work that well.

    Drowsey: Me too, I love the fireworks! And the setting was just perfect!

    JJ: Thank you! I was so excited and I love all of the different colors displayed, such a neat treat!

    Shelley: Thank you! 🙂

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