Gotta Paint that Weed!


I have no idea what this is. The good thing is, I don’t need to know what it is to paint it! Painting a subject is my way of studying it. You become familiar and intimate with something when you slowly look it over inch by inch…that’s what I do when I’m preparing to paint. I know that the pods have tiny hairs on them and almost transparent skins, the leaves are serrated, and the stem is a yellowish green where as the the leaves are more of a bluish green.

Here is a close up. If any person can identify what this is, please leave a comment. The flower has a deep burgundy center and only lasts about one day. It is located under a thistle feeder where many goldfinches and house finches visit daily. This climate is zone 5 on the gardening scale. I don’t know if that helps any?

Well I couldn’t resist I had to paint it, or should I say, sketch it! When sketching, I came up with a code I like to use everytime: d= date, t= time, c= weather conditions, and a= area of subject. One other thing I find helpful is to always write what day of the week it is next to the date. Years from now when you look back in your sketch book, you will have no idea what day it was only looking at the date. This picture was done with micron black pens and Winsor & Newton travel watercolors.


  1. Chris- You caught “flower-of-an-hour” blooming- the flower only opens for an hour or so and then it is done. The scientific name is Hibiscus trionum, yep that’s right, it is a Hibiscus.

  2. Tom: YOU ROCK!!! One hour? Holy Poop! I knew it didn’t last long, but that’s insane! After looking up the name, I realize that it is invasive and many people don’t like it. Too bad…one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I love the detail and the beauty even if it’s not on the “A” list of plants. But then again, I’m always for the “underdog”. Thank you so much for the wonderful identification! You’ve educated myself as well as others! YOU THE MAN!

    Drowsey: Thanks my Northern Friend! I’m glad I caught it at it’s best hour…HA,HA,HA!!! Get it…”best hour”? 🙂

    Lana: Isn’t Tom a smarty farty? I’ll make a mental note of “Dave’s Garden”, sounds like a great resource. Aliens are amongst us! He, he, he 🙂

  3. “Dave’s Garden” is kind of like, but for plants. Always nice when a blog buddy helps you out, though! I have no doubt about the aliens, myself. I’m good friends w/one of them. He’s even assured me a place on the mothership when everything here goes to hell. *LOL*

  4. I’m so glad Lana told me about your site! And thanks for helping me figure out what flower this is. 🙂
    I really like your sketch — beautiful!

  5. Lana: lol, I think everything has already started going to hell! Save me a seat on the mothership.LOL! How cool you found the flower on another blog! Too cool! Thanks for the info!

    Dave: Thanks! Learning from my web friends is so much more fun that learning in school! lol.

    Lisa: Welcome! I love how small the world is! I bet you love this weed just like I do. Your site is really neat, I’m glad Lana found our weeds!

  6. You capture the character of the plant well in your sketch. I examine things closely like that for when I am writing, so that I can describe them accurately. It is only then that I notice the little fine but oh so important details, as you say.

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