Little Red Schoolhouse Fun

Today was a nice day to visit the Little Red Schoolhouse of Willow Springs, IL. There is a lot of construction going on around here, a two story educational building is being built right next to the schoolhouse. Parking is a little limited, but still manageable. I am a little concerned about the new siding of the schoolhouse, it’s not red, but burgundy or wine colored. The Little Burgundy Schoolhouse???

Growing a few feet from the schoolhouse, I found some beautiful aster. I’m not exactly sure which kind….I’m guessing Flax-Leaved Aster, only because my Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers book has a similar picture with variate heads of yellow and purple just like mine. I think I’ll have to do a sketch of this soon!

Here we can see how the heavy rains have effected the trails. There is still some flooding by the bench. This lookout oversees Long John Slough. The lily pads are turning a mustard color, for autumn is clearly here. I welcome it and so does my little friend:

Can you spot my little friend? He was very brave to let me creep up for a picture!

I hope you enjoyed the Little Red Schoolhouse hike for today. Remember, autumn is here and gone in a quick flash, if you want to enjoy the season do it now. Don’t put your hike off for another day, before you know it the leaves will pass…they won’t wait for us!


  1. Drowsey: Me too I love them! Thanks!

    Shelley: Yeah! What’s up with that??? Hopefully it’s not finished and needs a little more paint!

    Lana: Don’t you just want to catch him and kiss him? They too fast for me!He would probably bite my lip too πŸ™‚

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